Is there finally evidence to support stories about Russian bounties?

Here is a report from the Spanish paper, La Razon:

“This former legionary of the Third Great Captain has been fighting the Russians for more than two weeks: for each “man killed” he charges 300 dollars from an American security company.”

Should there be an investigation to confirm the report of bounties on Russian soldiers?

If the story is true, $300 sounds like a very low price.

Should American security companies be offering such a low bounty for dead Russians?

Those slavs are lucky to pull numbers like that! They better not be complaining. :rofl:

Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight.

The claim is that an American security company has recruited mercenaries, and is paying them $300 dollars for each Russian they kill?

That is what the story from the Spanish mercenary is saying. Here are some more excerpts from an English translation:

He specifies that the figure depends enormously on the qualification and the task, “they do not pay the same to a paramedic as to a sniper. Or a drone pilot than a zafador or an artificer.” Then there are the “pluses”. “In my case, it’s $300 per man killed . . .”

Since I act alone, I am ground gold to them. If you don’t need anyone, it’s cheaper, of course. And on top of that, in my case, with good marksmanship confirmed at 1,600 meters. They asked me why I hadn’t come before." So far, he has not met any other snipers: “We are very few. We make more casualties than anyone else after artillery. Then there are those who pilot the drones, which are in high demand. It’s mind-blowing what they do.”

I think they go by “Contactors” these days.

First of all, let us have a moment of silent respect for the phrase “zafado or artificer”. :expressionless:

So…this is a bonus or bounty for kills. This feels wrong, but for the life of me, I can’t figure our why. If you pay a merc to kill, what difference does the payment structure make?

Another question: why is an “American security firm” even involved? Are they contracted by the Ukranian government?

Edit: oh, and thanks for the clarification.


Sure, but I am not going to worry about PC titles here. Heh.

I suspect that “zafador” is a misprint in Spanish. Zapador means “sapper”

Here is the meaning for “artificiero” in Spanish:

  1. m. and f. Military specially instructed in the classification, reconnaissance, conservation, packaging, loading and unloading of projectiles, cartridges, fuses and stopines.

  2. m. and f. Technician in the handling of explosives.

  3. m. and f. pyrotechnic (‖ connoisseur and practitioner of pyrotechnics).

Interestingly enough, zafado also works. Spanish for crazy fool.

That would explain why a Spanish spell-check did not catch it.

The story seems credible to me. The Spanish paper is unlikely source for Russian disinformation, and the story does not fit into the narratives pushed by Washington.

That does not mean that is necessarily true, but there should be an investigation into whether the US is putting bounties on Russian soldiers.

The story about alleged bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan was a big deal during 2020. The Biden White House eventually admitted that there was no real evidence to support the story. What would be the US reaction have been a mercenary coming forward to say that a Russians were paying him to kill Americans?

War is hell.

I don’t see why anyone should be wasting cycles of worry over any of this. It’s not even our circus or our monkeys.

The American company and/or elements within the US government could be hiring snipers authorization from the White House. They may see it as an opportunity to further their own interests, and we could end up in major escalation in the war in Ukraine without the approval of any elected official.

If that sounds far-fetched consider what has already happened in Syria. The military lied about the number US troops in Syria under Trump. Under Obama factions supported by Pentagon ended up fighting against factions supported by the CIA.

There is no way Biden would approve of this. He’s not that kind of man. But even if we get cynical about it, Biden still doesn’t do it, he wouldn’t squander the moral highground

Where do I send my 300?

Okay, if Biden is not authorizing this, who is? Are American contractors acting on their own or for some other entity?

The White House is claiming that there are war crimes and genocide in Ukraine, and they are blaming Russia. A rogue contractor or private army could easily provide a pretext for a greatly expanded war.

Here is a description the operations of the mercenaries from the Spanish link:

In addition to the harshness of a conflict in which “everyone acts in an inhumane way with civilians in between”, this Madrid elite shooter has been surprised by the presence in Kiev of so many private security agencies. "Here I have not seen militias of armed civilians. There are military companies from many countries, including Ukraine. A controller does an interview with you, they know you, they take pictures of you. They see all that you are and have been. There are Polish, Swedish, Danish and, above all, from the USA. They assemble teams of six people and, if you are the card of the deck that they lack, they hire you.

Well, IF this is true (and that is a big if), Ukraine could hire the contractors.

As far as responsibility: THAT is a sticky wicket. I guess it would be the company that employs them, and the country that hires them

If elements in Ukraine want to get NATO into the war, committing atrocities and blaming them on the Russians is a good way to do it.

Another approach would be to commit atrocities against Russian POWs and Russian-speaking civilians to provoke an over-the-top Russian response. There are already gruesome videos that appear to show torture and murder of Russian POWs.

There seems to be a lot of concern around false flags in this war.

MSB should have held out for this deal. For you kids out there unaware of the devaluation of the dollar, this kind of work went for $2billion a head in 2018.

The report from the Spanish mercenary is hardly unique. A French reporter has come forward with a similar story of Americans running military units in Ukraine.

“And who is in charge? It’s the Americans, I saw it with my own eyes,” said Malbrunot, adding, “I thought I was with the international brigades, and I found myself facing the Pentagon.”

There are reports that the US presence is not limited to contractors and mercenaries:

Citing a French intelligence source, Malbrunot also tweeted that British SAS units “have been present in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, as did the American Deltas.”

Russia is apparently well aware of the “secret war” being waged in Ukraine by foreign commandos who have been in the region since February.