Is there any debate that in person voting with an ID is the most secure way to carry out an election? + Other questions/discussion on voting

Is there any debate that if a country’s main objective with elections is to ensure one person one vote would be to have in person voting with an approved photo ID at the polling location in which they are registered? Assuming the poll workers are honest, attentive and competent the potential for fraud would be generally minimal. Is there general agreement on that?

Could we also agree that with any form of mail in voting there is no way to guarantee that the person who the ballot is intended for is the one who sends it in? Unless you believe #1 it’s simply impossible to forge a signature or #2 it’s impossible for forged signatures to make it past poll workers. There are also other possible area’s for fraud as well if you consider phony ballots, signatures not being verified, human error, etc.


The other part I wish to discuss is a general view on voting along the lines of Constitutional intent. This is not something I have studied intensely so I did some cursory research and I found this helpful:

When the Founders wrote the Constitution, the lack of voting as a right was not an oversight. The Founders were elitists, but they also believed only those who had a stake in society should be given the vote. In their minds, stakeholders were the only ones who had enough on the line to take voting seriously. If applying what the Founders believed to today, then only those who put in the effort of learning the issues and weighing out the options should vote, not those who simply vote for popularity or for who gives the best speech or makes the best promises. The mail system worked fine in 1789, but they chose to have voters show up to the polls. You had to put in some effort to vote.

So my initial view Constitutionally speaking is that voting should not be restricted by ones race, gender, etc., but that it is not a right that either can or even should be enforced. It seems to me that the question is largely around how much effort should be required?

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If IDs are free and easy to get… I see no issue.

However everything we do to make elections more secure should be about risk vs reward. What the ROI of making this a nationwide requirement?

Is the risk of fraud great enough to require IDs ON TOP OF all of the registration requirements (which also require residential verification)?

All of these risks exist with in person as well. What makes mail-in more prone to fraud over in person?

I have no problem with voter ID if the ID is free and easy to obtain.

I would like to see it coupled with placing resources into the districts where people wait in lines for hours to vote.

Yes that part is ridiculous…I sure as hell wouldn’t wait 10 hours to vote. Props to these people who did.

Um…can anyone spot the contradiction in this excerpt from the OPers source material?

Future court cases did spell out these rights and voting was not one of them. The 15th Amendment states, “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

It should be pretty easy to spot.

Hint: the right…yes…RIGHT…to vote is mentioned more often in the Constitution and its amendments than any other right.

And the article makes a fundamentally flawed assumption…the Constitution is not a rights DECLARER…it is a rights DEFENDER.

Amendment 9 of the BOR should do away with this silliness in thinking voting is not a right.

Elections in the United States are already secure.

Does in person voting instead of mail voting prevent fraud?

Fraudulent voting is rare in the United States.

As you well know jersey does not require valid ID to vote, they use signature match.

Voting is very secure right now.


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first define “ID”.
are we talking State/Federal issued only.

Who knows when you have republicans like Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz printing up whatever ID’s they feel like.


Utah has offered mail-in voting since 2013. Local Pubbies don’t seem to have a problem with it.
That said, in regards to the OP, of COURSE in-person with valid photo ID would be ideal. However, there are obstacles, purposeful or not, that make it less than ideal. For example, in this day and age, there is zero justifiable excuse for folks to have to wait in 10 hour lines to vote. How is that acceptable?

This! :+1:

Personally, let’s do away with IDs which can be lost, misplaced, expire and just go to thumbprints and/or retinal scans for proof of identity for voting. It seems more secure than IDs.

As to the founders, didn’t voting start with only landowners? Not sure why we need follow their lead on this.

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I have no pity for people who stood in those lines for hours. What thought process arrived at a decision to remain in line on the first day of early voting? (That’s what your article was about.) The next day, there was a short line. Day 3 had no line. Ditto days 4 through the end of early voting.

As far as I am concerned, it is abject idiocy to do what they did.

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What about the people who have to work the next day…tough ■■■■■

That’s not a very good attitude.


Is this a serious question?

All is telling when a party wants a covid passport mandated but shouldn’t need and ID to vote. I don’t enjoy going to the dmv anymore than the next person but realize you need one if you want to function in this society.

If you don’t have the desire to get and ID regardless of color or gender to me you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. You need and ID here to do almost everything it’s ridiculous to have this conversation. If you don’t have and ID you are either not trying or living completely off taxpayers draining the social net for the rest of the people putting in their whole life.



Is requiring an ID to buy a firearm racist and discriminatory?

If no, then it’s not racist or discriminatory for voting either.


Must be racist and discriminatory to show an ID at the will call window at the Atlanta Braves stadium to pick up your baseball tickets. Those bastards.

Presenting ID to vote doesn’t cut down on fraud. It cuts out a lot more legal votes.

There’s no doubt it is more secure.

There’s also no doubt that the dems do not want a secure election.

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