Is there a wage gap? Probably not

If we want to find if there is a wage gap, then we need to use an honest formula. Not a political formula based on crap. If I am not mistaken, the wage gap is computed by taking the average salary of all male workers and comparing it to the salary of all female workers. This works great if you are looking for a crap statistic to use for political reasons. In the real world, it’s garbage. Example:

Acme company employs four welders and four administrative assailants. The admins are all female. The welders are all male. The average salary of the admins is 45K. The average salary of the welders is 70k. According to libs, this is a wage gap that can only be explained by sexism. Time to get the feds involved. Poppycock!

Want a better way to calculate the wage gap?

How much does Delta airlines pay it’s female pilots with ten years experience compared to it’s male pilots with ten years experience?

How much does a hospital pay it’s E.R. docs with 3 years on the job. Male vs female?

How much does Proctor and Gamble pay it’s production workers. Male vs female?

If you want to find a wage gap. This is the only way to do it. The 70 percent claim is as fake as CNN. Totally dishonest. Ruined by politics.


That’s what I want to be when I grow up.


experience vs seniority…big difference. Great thing about their Union fought for and negotiated contract is that it’s visible to everyone. How many other industries and job have that?

The current method for calculating the “wage gap” is crap. Totally useless.

The current method for calculating the “wage gap” is crap. Totally useless.

You didn’t answer the question

Prove that this is how it is calculated

Did you read what I quoted? :smiley:

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I don’t know how many industries do that.

Now I have a question for you. Does your company pay people less based on their sex? Mine does not.

Yes. And I saw Flash dance. You would be a great welder! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a hard fought union contract…it’s pretty great.

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Sigh. Not the welder part.

No. But if you want to, you can look it up and share it with everybody.

Yes, I agree that the gross calculation of the pay gap is not accurate.

Just like everyone else. Union or non union. Women earn pretty much the same when all factors are considered.

You stated it as fact… but not willing to back it up?


Nah…the reason goes back to your delta pilot example. We know exactly how much they make because it’s out in open, clear to see and union enforced.

Okay, I got it. I’m in the slow lane today (even more than usual). :grin:

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I’ve been called worse. But on the bright side. Anyone who wants the info has access to it. :+1: