Is there a single democrat politician

That’s called for Biden to be investigated? You couldn’t get them to shut up about Kavanagh. I haven’t seen a single editorial board, representative, senator… nobody from the left in a position of power or influence call for a Biden investigation. Why?

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Investigated for what? Something this lady forgot about during 2 presidential campaigns and 8 years of him being a heartbeat away from the presidency? And she didn’t remember when he started his campaign for the election. Oh now, suddenly she remembers. :roll_eyes:

Why didn’t you have the same feeling toward the woman who accused Kavanagh of something that happened 30 years ago? Suddenly he was going to be on the Supreme Court and now that warranted coming out and spewing a ■■■■■■■■ story?


I have stated that this lady needs to come forward and publicly testify like Ford did. Not just throw spitballs from the sidelines.

Is your objective to demonstrate Democratic hypocrisy?

Okay, you have.

I say we have a congressional hearing about it.

She isn’t scared of flying, is she?

Why isn’t libs advocating FBI to investigate?

For the same reasons Republicans don’t call for investigations into accusations against Republican politicians obviously. Why do you ask?

They are all hypocrites. The accusations against Biden should be treated exactly as the twenty women who have accused Donald Trump are being treated. Delay the investigations for as long as possible so that they don’t effect elections. Insult, derogate and demean the accuser. And never call on your man to resign.

We all know this playbook. Of course, a better course would be to demand that Biden, Trump and Kavanaugh all resign from public life immediately. That way we avoid hypocrisy and that’s what I believe should happen. You ready to call for that… because as long as you position is one party’s guy is guilty but anyone who accuses my party’s guy is liar is pure hypocrisy, regardless of which guy you are protecting.

Theres going to be a hearing between the two "sexual predators " and the American public will decide soon enough

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Yep, the lib meltdown from hedging their bets on the Kid Sniffer is gonna be way better than their last meltdown.

Hope everyone enjoys pulling that lever for him. :rofl:


Coming from a Trump Supporter…

The forum is going to be great for the next 6 months :joy::rofl:

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Why not? The conservative descent into corruption, lies, and idiocy betting on the ■■■■■ Grabber has certainly been entertaining, why should liberals be any better? And with Donald’s 96% approval rating among Republicans, cons are all set to double down! :rofl:

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Very good. lol



Yup. This should affect President Biden as much as it affected Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.


Embrace the worst in the Age of Idiocy! Republicans proved in 2016 it’s a winning strategy!

Biden doesn’t have a 10 year-old daughter to run out of the room.


That’s the spirit! But maybe try to do better than the Kid Sniffer in 2024. :rofl:

Liberals need to aspire to reach the level of conservatives in this area. :rofl::rofl: