Is there a reason to keep The Department of Education?

For reference:

The Department of Education is administered by the United States secretary of education. It has 4,400 employees – the smallest staff of the Cabinet agencies – and an annual budget of $68 billion.

Unfortunately, such a rigorous civics education is not available to all students
Until the 1960s, it was common for American high school students to have three separate courses in civics and government. But civics offerings were slashed as the curriculum narrowed over the ensuing decades, and lost further ground to “core subjects” under the NCLB-era standardized testing regime.

Yeah, “advisory” is the camels nose.

With the grooming, indoctrination and dei nonsense going on the DE’s demise is wayyyyyyy overdue.


Kicker is you have to keep the bureaucrats on a tight leash. If they ever get off of that leash they start making policy. And that’s when things really go down the drain.

The problem isn’t a consistent education standard, it was what was done to implement it and the infusion of woke politics, states gaming the system to garner federal dollars, and the political games revolving around the standards that screwed things up.


There’s also Congress which has no delegated power.

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No reason at all. It was established in 1979 during the Carter Administration and nothing that guy did was any good. Time to dump it.


First, having cookie-cutter arbitrary academic standards does not in any way add to GDP, Military, or innovation. (Please show any quantifiable data to refute.) Second, most students are largely incapable of genuinely meeting most of those standards. Third, cookie-cutter arbitrary academic standards do little to nothing in making people prepared for the jobs they will perform.

4,400 employees! What the ■■■■ do these people do that in any way adds to the betterment of educating our children?


Who has the Department of Education actually educated?

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Bureaucrats corrupt everything they’re tasked to run.

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That was the goal, to create a society of basically ignorant people. Look how well they’ve succeeded in that.


Because the government has been so willing and successful in reforming itself… :thinking::roll_eyes:

From the get-go it has facilitated decline.

I say we should reform DoE back to what it was before it was created.

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The Department of Education has been around since 1867 in one form or another. As a department from 1867 to 1868, then as the Office of Education for many years. Then in the Federal Security Agency for many years, then as part of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare until 1979.

The original creation in the aftermath of the Civil War was intended to force southern States to establish compulsory public education and to force southern States to provide education for black people.

In addition, it collected and promulgated statistics.

The Federal government has been in the education business for 157 years.

Even if we abolished the department, numerous functions would likely continue to exist. Those functions would likely return to the Department of Health and Human Services whence they came.

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The bureaucracy has run the US for decades and they have had a good run on the public teat. I am hoping the next administration lays off 75% or more of the federal aparatus and they are forced to go out snd compete for real jobs that actually produce something. A good place to start is offloading to states responsibilities and powers the constitution did not put into the hands of federsl government, such as education.

Given that blacks today are at the bottom of the education statistics, perhaps the DofE should return to focusing on that.

Instead we’re dumbing down public education in the name of “equity”.


The DEI bull ■■■■ typically arises at the local school board level.

Which is one of the reasons I say that while getting rid of the DoE would be helpful, it would NOT solve all of our educational problems.

Does this apply to large corporations as well?