Is the United States uniquely evil?

The plan is to convince you that it is. In order to bring down the fairest, most just system the world has ever seen, they must convince you that it is. First, they demand the impossible. That all 800,000 police officers in the United States must be good, decent people. Without any flaws. If every single one of them is not, “we’ll burn it down.”

Next. Promote fake history. That slavery was invented and perpetuated by the United States. Africa, Asia, the middle east and the European powers had nothing to do with it. To bring down the United states one must avoid all discussion of the actual facts. Such as:

The European powers held slaves for hundreds of years. The United States held slaves for 80 years. This is a mathematical fact and no spin will change this.

Spain, France, The Netherlands, Britain and of course the super bowl champs of slavery Portugal all held slaves longer than we did. How many Jews were killed in the holocaust? 6 million? Portugal had it’s own holocaust than nobody talks about. Sending 5.8 million Africans into slavery.

Sorry folks, we are not any more guilty or any less just than any other country. In fact we are the best the world has ever seen. Nobody risks their lives to sneak into an oppressive country. They flee oppressive countries. Not many people are fleeing the U.S. What does that tell you?

The US is not unique in the treatment of native populations or in the sin of chattel slavery.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t confront and learn of our past in order to work towards a more perfect Union.


The US isn’t uniquely evil. It is likely, however, that people will be avoiding the US for the foreseeable future until we get ahead of our little Coronavirus problem. I know I live in a rural area, and I’m not leaving the county (which has one of the lower infection rates in my state) until the infection rate starts going down.

Our past has already been confronted and corrected. Everyone is now equal under the law. Nobody in the United States is guilty of these crimes.

No…But I don’t think we are some great shining city on the hill either.

On paper anyway…

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We have shortcomings, but we are no doubt the greatest force for good the world has ever seen. There certainly would not be any freedom in the world had it not been for us. We have a bad habit of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

We are unique and greater in that we self reflect and hold ourselves accountable in an effort to always be better.

You’ve never lived anywhere else, have you.

Not even remotely true

Spent 2 years in Germany, living off post most of that time. And if I could have, I would have gotten out and stayed over there…

The entire world believes we are. Which is why millions are trying to get in and nobody is trying to get out. That’s all the evidence you need. Do the math.

“Believes”…is the key word.

What specific laws are you referring to?

Sure you did. You can always go now.

Calling me a liar are ya?

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You probably could have went about anywhere. I see you decided not to. God Bless America! :us:

But it really hasn’t.

That is the problem.

No, I said “Sure you did”.

Yea ok…:ok_hand:

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