Is the “show preview” function not working?

I can’t seem to get the “show preview” to work.

This preview?

Yes. I cannot get the “preview” to show my post before I post it.


Can you give us a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Here is the screen shot. Nothing comes up on the “preview”.

I don’t seem to be having hat problem

Do you have another browser besides Microsoft Edge? It sounds like a browser issue at this time.

The preview does not appear for me.

No. That is the only browser I use.

Doing some testing, not sure/seeing what settings that would alter that.

Then I suggest trying the ol’ clear the cache routine to see if that helps. I haven’t touched an inferior Microsoft browser since IE3, so if clearing cache doesn’t do it for you, I’m not sure how we can help other than to suggest a better browser. Everything appears to be in good working on this end with FireFox, Chrome, and even Safari.

clearing cache?

I have no idea what that means nor how to do it.

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It works fine for me. Are you sure that you didn’t accidentally click the “hide preview” button?

Then it would (should) look like this.

No. I didn’t accidentally click the “hide preview”. But I even tried to get a preview by clicking on “hide preview”. I just don’t understand what happened,