Is the Republican party for or against tariffs?

Or does it not matter anymore?

World War 3 was supposed to be fought a the nukes but apparently it’s with tariffs. The US is declaring war on Argentina, Brasil, France, Italy and some others right?

Whatever the chosen one wants.

It depends on what the tariffs were about. I have a high degree of confidence that Trump tariffs are going to be in the best interest of America. However, the type of tariffs that Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats want are not in the best interests of America. Tariffs are a very complicated issue, so I understand why it would confuse leftists.

It depends on what mood Trump happens to be in at the moment.


Is the Republican party for or against tariffs?



What do libs want?

Whatever the opposite of that is, times 1,000, plus a volley of the dumbest tweets you’ve ever seen, and you’ve got “conservative” policy.

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Both parties generally have their heads up their collective asses regarding trade.

I support unconditional free trade.

But there will be no breaking protectionism’s dark influence on both parties.

Where has that worked in a positive way anywhere in the history of the world?

I don’t think it has ever been tried in its truest form.

But I do know that we do better in periods of freer trade.

Periods of protectionism have always ended badly at best, catastrophically at worst.

I support tariffs, but not in a punitive sense.

So I don’t know if that means I support trumps tariffs or not. He’s using the right tool against the right people, but for the wrong reasons.

Free trade is a disaster for a first world economy in the long run, and a boon for the 3rd world.

Tariffs are what should be used to ensure that locally produced goods remain competitive with foreign goods. We should have tariffs on any nations goods that we can produce domestically, that also has a lower cost of doing business. Any nation that has a higher cost of buisness than ours should have tariffs on our goods if they can produce them themselves.

Not doing so just incentivizes that industry to stop producing domestically because they can’t compete with the foreign goods.

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You worried about the WTO appeals court disbanding?

Depends on the purpose and circumstances as always.

You cannot have free trade without a level playing field.

Is the democratics party?

You can start your own thread about Democrats if you want.

Unilateral tariffs, no. Reciprocal tariffs to level the playing field, yes.


Trump philosophy is to leverage the US market with tariff incentives to get the best results including a practical and useful alternative to military action.

I think we need to pay attention. This is working pretty well…case in point is Mexico and the threat of tariffs that finally got the flow of Central American migrants to slow down to a manageable level.


What’s Donald Trump saying today? That’s what they support.


When things have never been tried? There’s a reason for that.

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