Is the press too stupid or too corrupt to ask this question?

It’s pretty simple and nobody is smart enough to ask it?

Mr. Biden, are you the “big guy?” If you are not, then who is?

Back when we had a media who was actually inquisitive and not in bed with the DNC somebody would have asked this. Should somebody ask now?

Why would a legitimate press continue to ask questions about an obviously fake story?



True believers still pushing this story I see.


So you’re saying if the exact same situation was reversed, they would not be constantly grilling Trump? You actually live in that fantasy world?

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Should the question be asked? If not why not?

I could ask the same for you

What evidence to you have that the Russian Dossier was real and the Biden hard drive was fake? Let’s see what you got.

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Right that’s the logic behind my math teacher back in high school saying there are no stupid questions just stupid people who ask them

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I don’t care what might be, I only look at what is. The story IS faker than a Hollywood actor. We shouldn’t be continuing any questions on it. Now, you might still care, but I don’t

Didn’t Fox News debunked this fake story already?

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You gave me a non answer.

Should the question be asked? If not why not?

I don’t think it was and I don’t hear people talking about it.I don’t even remember people talking about it in 2018. That was like three months in 2017.

There is lack of evidence that the hard drive is real.

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Only the die hard Trumpers believe this fake news. The adults in the room don’t care.

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Maybe you should actually read that.

No. They didn’t. If it was debunked, Then Rudy and the computer store owner should be in prison.

FOX has not determined that the hard drive with 40,000 emails and Biden’s receipt were fake. They did no such thing. As long as I have you:

Should the question be asked? If not why not?

Doesn’t Rudy have all the documents? Why can’t he provide all this information to the public? Where the hell is all the metadata/headers? The public needs to see this info!

Where’s Rudy?!!!

Only naïve liberals believe that their party is made up of saints and angels who are not capable of corruption.

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It shouldn’t be because questions that share a common theme with questions like have you (not you) stopped beating your wife shouldn’t be asked.