Is the NFL ready for this crap? I doubt it

Are they about to repeat the Kaepernick debacle? The one that cost them hundreds of millions of dollars when fans stayed home? It looks like they are preparing totally capitulate. And allow the disrespect of the flag in front of millions of fans who don’t appreciate it. And allow the group demonization of police. Most who are heroic and don’t deserve the hate. Since they don’t have the guts to stand up for people who put their lives on the line for them, what should they do? It’s obvious and simple. If they have the courage to do it. Tell the players. You have the right to protest. But you do not have the right to protest while you are at work. If you do not want to stand for you flag, you don’t have to. You may sit quietly in the locker room until the music stops. You do not have a right to be provocative while we’re paying you.

That’s a nice compromise that should be acceptable to everyone. Right?

Why is this in the politics forum you ask? Because it’s political.

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I like to see NFL players take a prayer on the field…and see what libs have to say…o wait we already know what they will say.

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I do too. They have the free will to do this. The NFL needs to get out ahead of this flag thing. They probably won’t. They seem to be paralyzed by fear.

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This statement does not reflect reality.


You perhaps forget that when Kaepernick was signed as a spokesperson by Nike, Nike’s stock trebled rather than tanked - which I found very disappointing, by the way. I’ll certainly never buy Nike again - not because the guy took a knee - what’s so bad about taking a knee? aren’t they praying - but because he put “Cops are pigs” on his shoes. Way to communicate with the cops and solve problems…

I do hope the NFL and the NBA go out of business. It would be interesting to see what future players who can no longer play the game will do now that they have to get into school on educational merits and get a real job afterward.

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Do you think this idea is a good compromise?

Do you think this idea is a good compromise?

I suppose…

Like I said, I just hope the NFL tanks. I think that’d be funny…

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No, because it’s not a compromise - you are just demanding that everything stay the same.

I notice you didn’t even attempt to address your false statement.

I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

LOL. Are you even paying attention this year? When the games start, if they start, there won’t likely won’t be fans in the field. A little thing called Covid-19.

Players can kneel all they want and the empty seats won’t care one way or the other.

And I’ll say the same thing I said to you a couple years ago when this started and you made similar comments on the old board. While I disagree with the reasons for the protest, what is so scary about a black man kneeling. As I said then we should be applauding Kaepernick for protesting peacefully. But you and many mocked him, derided him, etc and look where we are now with cities on fire.


I got you down for a No. We’ll see how it works out for the NFL. What false statement? There were a ton of empty seats. A lot of half full stadiums. How much money did the NFL lose? Compared to previous years and expectations. Do you know?


They do all the time when they score…See anybody complain about that?

Actually I think it was. Wasn’t he going to do something else and his alleged SF mentor advised the kneeling?

Come on man!

I do. Because I have Google, and I take the time to check before I make statements on the message board.

They didn’t “lose” any money. In fact, they had the highest revenue they’ve ever had - a feat they have accomplished each and every year of the last two decades.


I was referring to Altair’s proposed “compromise”, as described in the OP.

Wow. So no harm at all. That’s good

And that’s what makes you so loveable. :innocent:

But I think it’s a bad idea for them to protest groups. Because then you’re lumping the few bad ones in with all the good ones. Do they deserve that?

Then there’s the big picture.