Is the NFL Going to Eliminate Kickoffs?

Why are the owners trying to ruin the game?

With new changes regarding kickoffs, why not just get rid of it?

I hope the ex-players who sued the league are happy with the way the game is slowly destroying itself.

what are they supposed to do? leave the most dangerous part in (for concussions, etc) and then face the increasing mountain of players suffering head injuries (and sometimes committing suicide due to it) that will sue?

i love seeing a guy get jacked up on a crack back just as much as the next guy but what are their options? just continue with the brain trauma and push the issue down the road?

btw, the MMA is gonna go through this exact same thing once those fighters get old and start killing themselves.

At some point in time these people will not be able to sue. Once enough information is out it will eventually be up to the participants, similar to smoking. A new smoker today cannot sue when they eventually get lung cancer.

And then the moms will push their kids to soccer and basketball (even though soccer has concussion issues too).

So the NFL is walking a tightrope. Keep it violent enough for us but cut back on the brain trauma.

Moms have been doing this since I can remember. Tackle football has always been “The only Sport” parents would not allow their kids to play. Most of those kids weren’t that athletic anyway, and I think the parent knew that and didn’t want to see them get hurt. This is nothing new. As for pushing kids towards other sports, I wish parents would push kids towards soccer, we need better players. But if a kid doesn’t want to play, or doesn’t like soccer, he isn’t going to play.

My main point remains. Once the warnings are out your ability to sue at the adult level will eventually expire.

The game is getting soft. We’re getting soft because some of us aren’t watching the game because someone might get hurt.


Really? Traumatic brain injuries destroying people’s lives is being soft? What the ■■■■.

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the NFL is looking at the long term. regular joes (who don’t have to deal with traumatic brain injury) don’t care.

At this rate, the NFL will be reduced to a game of tag.

Let’s see if the fans will watch it.

Simple fix, don’t play.

We’ve been slowly but surely turning the game softer. I don’t know how old you are but if you go back and watch some of those later 80s to early 90s games the hitting is much more aggressive. We don’t notice the slow change, but if you go back and watch those games its readily apparent. It’s the first thing you notice.

I don’t. That has zero to do with the stupidity of the statement I responded to. Thanks.

100% correct. And they’re mainly doing it because of all of the brain trauma is a public relations nightmare. I’d like to say that they were doing it because they’re tired of players turning into vegetables/massive health problems later in life but that’s not the real reason. It’s the public relations and the lawsuits. That’s why they’re having to do this.

I wasn’t referring to you. I was making a broad statement. People now know the risks.

Are you not entertained?!