Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


I never said it was. It is however proof that what Stone did was illegal.


Thanks for admitting the Wiki didn’t help Trump…


In America you are innocent until proven guilty.


You need to brush up on your comprehension skills. I did nothing of the ort


Yes, exactly. So you agree that the actions of Trump’s team constitute illegal conspiracy with the Russians. Glad to see we are able to come together on that. But perhaps we’ve had a breakthrough.


Then answer my question

Wouldn’t you love one dem to tell us what wiki leaked e-mail they think cost Hillary the election?


I did not agree…


Again, not even close to what I said


It is however proof that what Stone did was illegal.


The information is exposed one at a time, newest info is Lisa Page exposing Obama’s DOJ told the FBI to not prosecute Hillary.


Yes, there was sufficient evidence/proof that he committed a crime so he was charged with it. Whether he is ultimately found guilty in a court of law is another matter


Of course he’s nothing compared irreverent anon internet heros.


Media had invested why to much time, money and energy to allow the real truth to come out. It would just validate Trump and his fake media comments.


Mueller will release his report when he is finished. I suspect the report will be given to Congress with only a few bits retracted. Congress will make it public.

SDNY and other DOJ offices, NYS, and other state’s will continue investigating and prosecuting those involved in crimes during the campaign and after Donald got elected, and crimes committed by those in the Trump Org and by Trump Org as an entity.

Mueller is only one part of the investigation.

The only reason this administration hasn’t started any investigations into the “deep state” is because there is no such thing. It’s made up bs - like every other conspiracy the CEC has floated to get their listeners whipped into a frenzy.


But that is not what the left was selling for the last 2 years now is it?


Read this back to yourself in Alex Jones voice.


Now that I pointed out the implications of what you brought up about John Kerry you want to withdraw the point. Got it. I do recognize what a difficult position you are in, trying to defend a multi-faceted criminal conspiracy. But unlike Kellyanne Conway or Sarah H. Sanders, you are not getting paid. You don’t have to do this.


LOL the Logan act. :rofl:

Oh that’s funny…


And just for the record…it seems ll those Mueller avatars went poof.

What happen libs?

That’s what happens when you pin all your hopes on a donkey.


We are not talking about direct evidence of Clinton making a quid pro quo deal with Russia. That was never available for Trump Jr to give to the FBI. The person who met with gave him junk and he tossed it. Of course it would have been available to the FBI if it had been available. The Trump campaign could not have used such information without it becoming public, if it had existed.
So we are talking about someone saying they wanted to meet and said they had information to provide…which they didn’t have. Why would Strzok, the guy who wanted insurance against Trump winning, try to chase that down?