Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


Thank you for your guess. I can prove what I am.


Why does how many sentences are in a reply matter? Are you paid by the sentence?

How about the father who gets up everyday and goes to work in a ditch to provide for his family. Then comes home and coaches Little League. He raises his son to be a man, not a mealey-mouthed punk. He does everything he can to give his children a better life than he had. He is the leader of his house and a leader in his community. Maybe he served when he was younger, maybe he didn’t. He has manners.


I sense that you’d burn it down just to cook a hamburger.


Why do you “sense” that?


That’s not how facts work.


Because the change in the timbre of your words over the last little while. If I had to guess your motto lately would be "aw ■■■■ it ". Everythings awful, everyone sucks, now Mueller took your rights away through his evil organization, the FBI? Sounds like a bad time.


Hardly. Are you denying the FBI routinely violates rights?


Would you say your opinion of the FBI as ‘‘evolved’’ over the 30 years, or so.


Ask who? You? You have ALL the DETAILS of what Mueller has?

You guys are freaking hilarious. :rofl:


I offered to answer your questions. Can you articulate one?

Earlier you claimed we didn’t know the details about something we very much do, which is damn near everything regarding Mike Flynn.


I deny that violating rights is an FBI routine.

I very much appreciate living in a lawful society.


No, I was speaking to the report itself and all the information we do not have access to. The thread is after all about the report.


Since the Mueller can’t find any collusion there is a good chance he’ll be attacked by dems and the media. He may spend weeks in front of congress being grilled and then demonized by the Media. Right now he’s got it good. Unlimited funds, a nice office, free travel and a loving media. But, if he released a report and it’s all just Manafort in Ukraine and Cohen never landing in Prague, or not being sent to lie and nothing about Putin, the left will think he’s covering up something. I mean he’s a republican, right?

First, there are definite indications of collusion, such as the Trump Tower meeting. To say Mueller hasn’t found any is not correct. Wait till the report comes out.

Second, there are also indications of severe wrongdoing in this administration, such as that Trump Tower meeting and the indictments and jail sentences handed down. So continued investigation is warranted. (Please feel free to say how the above or other reasons aren’t why they should continue to investigate.)

Third, singular opinions don’t speak for the left (or the right, for that matter).

Mueller Report Has Washington Spinning (and It’s Not Even Filed)

Like a becalmed ship in the dead air before a coming storm, the nation’s capital is waiting, and waiting, for the special counsel’s report.


Trump tower meeting has been completely explained… over and over… Nothing burger. And it’s not against the laws to meet with Russians.

Martha Stewart crimes as a result of the investigation…

Same thing for two years…

Yawn Burgers! Trump won because he’s so cool, and loves real America.


For something that is supposedly not against the law, there sure are a lot of people lying about it.




I’m sure the lies are like " I showed up at 9". FBI proves it was 8:55…



I’m sure the lies are like " I showed up at 9". FBI proves it was 8:55…

At least you admit that you don’t know the details

And sorry for the crappy cut and paste.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It doesn’t. Do you think you convey simple terms?


Yes. Interesting question, why do you ask?


Then why are you complaining?



That is a very crappy cut and paste and I have no idea who is talking where or what point you were trying to make.

Please articulate a question.


Was there a question in there? Im not sure what you are referring too. Please explain


Yes, there was a question in there, as can be plainly seen.


Do you think you have manners?


Of course.