Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


‘‘It ain’t me babe’’ :joy: :rofl:

And some end up with no other choice but…


Sure, sure. If you say so. Air softing on militarydotcom is not under discussion.


No idea what that is. :neutral_face:


Ok, if you say so.


Replace “completely explained” with “repeatedly lied about”, and your sentence would be factual.


I say so. Why don’t you tell us what it is since you’re so knowledgeable about it.


I’m pretty patient. I just want to try to get to the point, rather than watching all of the obfuscation, dodging, goalpost moving, etc.

Just saying “I don’t believe in American heroes” early on would have sufficed instead of all this rigmarole that we seem to have to cut through so frequently.


Or just say it was trumpsplained.


I already did. You are what’s known in the business as “untrainable.”

But have a nice day.


That’s not fun for me, but thanks for letting us all know what you want.


Surrender accepted.


Ok, if you say so.


So you like onions in you coke?


They need not look elsewhere. But neither Trump nor the Republicans had anything to do with wikileaks or distributing the emails, so far as has been shown.
Wikileaks was leaking before the emails were ever thought of.


I’m guessing he’s a paint-ball warrior.


Thanks for the more than one or two sentence reply. So that situation does not make him an American Hero. Could you please define or give examples of American Heros?


Im thinking he has been pulling our leg. Very Sneaky


Whoops missed that. I really should read down more


Maybe he meant a Royal Ranger


Yes, somebody was playing word games.