Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


Did Jr lie to Mueller yet?


One word actually. I think you know.


Yes, one word and you thought wrong.


Including but limited to


Huh? What name did call you?


These charges are all BS.


Was who charged? There are a lot of witches in Trump’s coven, some have been indicted and more indictments to come. Flynn probably violated the Logan Act but he copped a plea and so the final charges are a shadow of what he was facing… not a basis for inferring anything. My point was that there are some circumstances (not all) where a conversation with Russian officials can be illegal. Are you disagreeing with the point or just making noise?


Disorientation is a horrible struggle


Don’t know. Do you have access to each piece of testimony he has given under oath? I doubt it. What we do know is that he lied to the public repeatedly about the Trump Tower meeting. That leads some of us to doubt his credibility but for others this pattens of lying does not appear to raise any qualms at all. It is a matter of personal taste, I suppose.


I have a distaste for conversing with Liars


Well the good thing is you probably don’t have to converse with Donald Trump Jr. But the question is, distasteful or not, do you find him credible?


Flynn. No?


I can do that too.

Dr. No.

This is just noise.


Was Flynn charged with a Logan Act violation?


You forgive Hillary for what she did? There woild be no issue if she would have been on tje up and up


You really think he was serious?


Already answered. No. He took a plea bargain and the charges were adjusted accordingly. A plea bargain gets the defendant lesser charges. Why do you keep asking this question?


I suspect he’s trying to get at the fact that the Logan Act has never been used to sucessfully prosecute anyone - and has only been tried twice, most recently 170 years ago.

It’s also never been ruled on, and could likely be unconstitutional.


No, I’m getting at this:

While true it is “against the law”, how is it relevant?

But yes, I knew that.


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