Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


It’s not even just the fact that he served that makes him a hero but also:

  • the fact that he wanted to enlist but was denied due to a leg injury, so he waited for it to heal and came back a year later and enlisted
  • he joined THE MARINES of all branches, including both Ranger School and jump school.
  • that he saved the lives of multiple men in the middle of a brutal firefight, tending their wounds while waiting for evac
  • he also took a bullet during battle, and still returned to lead his platoon for a period before leaving 'nam.

The dude is an American hero in every sense of the term. Of course, however, since he’s heading up the Republican-initiated Russia investigation, then he’s a deep state traitor or something.


This is the most baffling aspect of TDS, in my opinion.

Here’s a hypothetical:

A man comes home from work to find his windows broken, blood on the floor, and his wife and kids missing. There are signs of a struggle.

Should the police investigate? There’s no proof that a crime was committed.


Depends on if he’s a white hat or a black hat.


The whole point of saying he lied about the meeting is to imply that something nefarious went on. The point is clear.


Not being up on Q talk, I don’t know if you mean a good guy/bad guy thing, or something altogether different, lol.


Yes the point is clear. Trump Jr has already been caught lying about every other aspect of the meeting. Something he wouldn’t of needed to do if it occurred the way he said it did


He could of gone along with the uranium One deal to save his job, that would make him a white hat when he steps in to help prosecute.


Not a Cult.


Jim Jones wished he had followers as loyal


Collusion has been the message of the right.


Collusion is what the special counsel was tasked with finding.


Both are true


Not true.


CNN and Wash Po lived on collusion. They sold their audience what they wanted to hear. Its too late to pretend this is something the right made up, now that this chimera is fading.


Look at b (i)
That is collusion.




is that making the rounds in republican media somewhere?


Wrong. Please point out where it states “collusion”


Will there be a run on kool-aid and cyanide after donnie loses power?


I don’t know, but if he doesn’t win in 2020, there will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth.


I’m not claiming the right has made it up, but they continue to bang this drum of collusion, or more precisely “no collusion”. CNN and WaPo have reported on the many indictments and motions by Meuller. The right keeps saying “no collusion”. Manafort’s attorney just did the exact same thing.