Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


Q+ knows everything!


If not it seems awfully petty to tell him that he can’t form his own conclusions.


Ummmm…McCabe, Strzok and Page are all gone, now aren’t they?


It seemed more polite to put it that way than to say he can make up whatever he wants but it is nonsense and fantasy.


Gone but not free from their crimes!


Why can’t he do the same thing that you are doing?



I try to have a basis for my speculations. If not, nice people like yourself are not shy to bring up the subject.


As Cratic would say, process crime :wink:

No one was fired for being too hard on Trump. Actually McCabe’s firing was nearly the opposite. Strzok’s firing was politically motivated as the office recommended demotion and suspension. Page left on her own, can’t blame her. Don’t forget Comey who was also fired for being too hard on Clinton.

The swamp ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.


Yeah, the words of someone that has been caught lying about the meeting one lie after another. Pretty solid basis there


Let it be known that this poster believes that Viet Nam service in country is “nothing heroic”.


Yes. I believe they were all fired? Not prosecuted.


What did I imagine? I provided three examples of Trump Jr. lying about the meeting and suggested that we take his current account with a grain of salt. Nothing imagined there.

You say that Trump Jr. would have turned over anything substantial that came out of the meeting to the FBI. That’s pure conjecture on your part. What we know is that when Trump Jr. got an email promising dirt on Clinton from Russian sources he did not turn that over to the FBI, which he should have. He wrote back “I love it!”

As someone who has held variety of security clearances during his career, I know that if anything emerges that suggests actions that could compromise you, you report it… you don’t take the meeting on your own.


You clearly are having trouble understanding the point. I never defended his honesty in my posts. But once you say he lied about the reason for the meeting, you then can’t fill in that the meeting was about whatever you want it to have been about, when you have no evidence.

And there was the email setting up the meeting where it was said that the attorney had information damaging to Hillary…which is some corroboration of Trump Jrs final stated basis for the meeting.


I thought it was Mueller who “knew everything”?

Yeah, I’m going with him.


Can you show where @Vigilante did that in this thread?


Well, you see. Not heroic…because…


Good luck, I’ll stick to the Q facts that expose Obama corruption at a biblical level.


Like Whitewater?


Is he being indicted soon?