Is the Mueller team afraid to release the report?


Trump and the Republicans have been in control of the DOJ for over two years. Why hasn’t the DOJ under Trump prosecuted Hillary??


…according to Trump Jr.

None of us yet know whether it’s the truth or another in a long string of lies


Wait… the situation posited was that if the Trumps came into the possession of information through Russian contacts that showed that Clinton had done something illegal that had they immediately turned that over to the FBI then I think that they would have been doing the right thing.

And I do believe that an agent like Strzok would chase down that lead because we have brought forth into being an entirely imaginary dimension and we get to say whatever we want because none of that happened.


Ok. Then if you don’t want hypotheticals, we don’t know what Trump Jr would have done if he had come into information that Clinton had done something illegal with Russia.


You are right… we don’t know what they would have done… which is why I say things along the lines of “had they done so”


Out of curiosity, did you ever fight through an engagement(ambush) where half your company were casualties and later you took an enemy bullet, while serving with the rangers.




Oh Sneaky will have something to say. You just wait. Hes got something


Your position is based on the truthfulness of Donald Trump Jr. The same man who stated the meeting never happened, until he had to admit it did. The same man who stated the meeting was called to discuss adoption, until he had to admit it was called to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton. That same man who lied about who was present, until he had to admit who was there.

But this time, his version is completely believable.

Fool me once: shame on you
Fool me twice: shame on me
Fool me three times: WITCH HUNT!


What else should it be based on? Imaginings of what went on in that meeting? Just because you can’t trust Trump Jr to tell the truth, that doesn’t mean you can just make up whatever you like and pretend it went on in that meeting.
Well, you can, but…

And lets not forget the email evidence of the meeting was that the woman had dirt on Hillary. That is corroboration of Trump Jrs statement.


Ya, I think Sneakys days in the Rangers were well after the times they fought large scale fights against equally sized opponents.


Remember when it was just about Adoptions?


I never said he could be trusted, now did I? But you can’t just fill in the gaps with whatever you want.


They let Hillary bring 9 lawyers to her FBI interview, but told Flynn he didn’t need any…



I wasn’t aware that @Vigilante was part of the prosecution team


Good thing because some Democrats were defending and protecting Obama and Hillary’s criminal activity, spygate fisagate. Lisa Page spilled the beans on Obama and his DOJ telling the FBI to not prosecute Hillary.


Did they disallow Flynn from bringing lawyers? Or did he make a choice? Is Flynn some baby who needs his hand held?

Come on Cratic, you aren’t even trying any longer.


And Flynn was stupid enough to believe them? Trump sure knows how to pick “only the best people”


Yes. I suspect that he was not.



Gee, this testimony is going on 3 years old now…

I wonder why Trump hasn’t used his DOJ to investigate these swamp dwellers, surely he’s had this information before now?