Is the much-hyped "sonic weapon" just crickets and mass hysteria?

The US news media has been reporting for several years about a “sonic weapon” has been allegedly used to attack US embassies and other US government offices around the world. The problem was first observed in Havana in 2016, so it is called the “Havana Syndrome”.

Here is a story from NBC about a recent incident:

In contrast, declassified reports show that the alleged sonic aspects of the incidents are most likely sounds from crickets. Here a recent report from the New York Post.

“No plausible single source of energy (neither radio/microwaves nor sonic) can produce both the recorded audio/video signals and the reported medical effects,” wrote authors of the JASON report, retrieved through a Freedom of Information Act request. “We believe the recorded sounds are mechanical or biological in origin, rather than electronic. The most likely source is the Indies short-tailed cricket.”

Tucker Carlson recently ran a segment ran a recent segment with a professor in psychological medicine who is believes that the “Havana syndrome” is an example of mass hysteria.

Scott Adams, who has expertise in hypnosis, has long noted that the story was a consistent with a form mass hypnosis. When he heard about Carlson’s segment he searched but was surprised that he could not find the segment in with all the commentaries. Here is a hand-held recording of the part of the segment from the a replay of the show which suggests the continued problems are examples of “mass suggestion”:

Why have the virtually the entire media been ignoring growing evidence that at the “Havana syndrome” is really just a combination of noisy crickets and mass suggestion?

Why has Carlson’s segment mysteriously disappeared?

Who put noisy crickets on the list of forbidden topics?

Wait. The Scott Adams who does Dilbert? Give me a break.

Yes. Being known as cartoonist does not mean you are unable to do anything else.

Please post a link to Carlson’s video segment about mass suggestion if don’t trust his word. I could not find the segment when I did an internet search.

I trust neither Carlson or Adams.

Okay, show me recent news stories from CNN, New York Times, NBC, etc. that discuss crickets as the source of sounds recorded in Havana that were part of the original “sonic weapon” story. Find even a mention of the possibility that State Department and other agencies are creating conditions for “mass suggestion” as the professor suggests.

The NBC article clearly shows that the CIA is pushing the questionable theory that the Havana syndrome is really an attack from Russia. Would it make sense to investigate other explanations for the observed problems before we use the syndrome as a pretext for retaliation?

Is the CIA’s clear involvement in pushing the story a factor in the disappearance of Carlson’s interview with Dr. Robert Bartholomew?

Here are link to the rest segment with Dr. Bartholomew:

There are no such things as LRAD.

It’s a figment of some peoples fertile imagination.


Maybe real news sources don’t deal in conjecture. I bet Fox News didn’t even report this.

162 decibels.

No harm with that device.

No siree…


Yes, loud sound can be used to disperse crowds.

The observed sounds in Havana were consistent with crickets. If crickets are really that dangerous, how could anyone be able to live in Cuba?

Observed by who?


Yes, it is a conjecture.

The conjecture was confirmed with actual data as documented in a declassified government report.

Where is the physical evidence of a sonic weapon attack? Crickets . . .

I’m not sure what point you are making- do you support the mass hysteria theory? Or do you think there is a weapon that is being covered up?

Here is an article regarding the problem.

“We may never know for certain what is the cause of these incidents. Given the reported symptoms, an audio related cause is likely – and if so, it is probably ultrasonic. But the nature of ultrasound suggests that these cases are probably the result of surveillance rather than a deliberate “sonic attack”.“

Crickets? Doubtful.


Starts at the 24:25 mark

Cool, where are the recordings to show the sound was consistent with an attack or surveillance?

The publicly released information shows sound that consistent with crickets.

When have intelligence officials been wrong before?

Could you show us a link to this public information.

Or is that asking too much.


Okay, Fox has released the entire episode.

Where are the media reports about crickets and mass suggestion being likely explanations for the sonic attacks? The crickets are still chirping.

It’s a theory just as credible as sonic snooping.

It certainly not the most likely theory.

We will never know the truth and that’s we we get these crackpot theories from.

One is as good as another.


Where is the physical evidence of an attack?

We just had the intel agencies tell us that we droned two terrorists in Afghanistan that turned out to be a family with several children.

Did you check the Fox News website? Surely they must be covering it.