Is the Media Already in the Tank for Joe?

Sources say so. As if the gushing over his inauguration wasn’t enough, Eddie Glaude at MSNBC gave Joe Godlike praise, even going so far as to quoting his favorite book Palms.

Hallowed ground.

Temple of Democracy


What’s going on here?

MSNBC is as much in the tank for Biden as Fox News is against him.

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Condemnation of the old, praise and worship of the new. America has been reborn, separating the wheat from the chaff to come.

That didn’t take long.

Biden to heal broken hearts.

Whatabout CNN?

Are they worshipping government?

FNC is being very unity towards Jbiden.

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Bidenanism…Hannity words not mine. :rofl:

Possibly, I only have evidence of them lauding Joe as god so far.

Have to hold on to that app store access.


Please don’t take this as any kind of attack or personal offense, but that question was already answered the day he announced he was running for president.

You do bring some more evidence to the table here. Did the media offer those tidbits. I know Schumer did on the 6th. It was the first thing out of his mouth that night.

No, it was the regime. The media amplified it.

It won’t last long.

Remains to be seen. It never started with prog outlets and Trump.

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Holy crap. :rofl:

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Well, he appears to be a fairly minor miracle worker, Obama healed the planet and kept the ocean from rising.


He does heal broken hearts. He operates under the guise of love, forgiveness, and sublime ethereal understanding…unless you’re MAGA.

Newsmax is sticking with “dark” and “divisive”, if that’s more your style.