Is the left using CORVID-19 as political weapon?

Now I don’t listen to Rush much but I heard him talking about Virginal governor mandates stay at home order until June 10.

Why June 10th? Because republican primary takes place on June 9th.,2020(June_9_Republican_primary)

Now June 10th falls on Wednesday. Now why mid week and not the start of a new week like a Monday?

Libs will stop at nothing to use any crises to use as a weapon against their political enemies.

Imagine what they would do once they gain control over our powerful goverment agencies again.


democrats and media. without doubt

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Trump won’t get on the November ballot if the Virginia primary doesn’t go off?

Oops their Pres primary was Super Tuesday.

So where are you reading the June elections won’t happen and how do you see it affecting the races in a way that helps Democrats?

Of course they are. Russia didn’t work, either did the quid pro quo/bribery impeachment crap so covid19 is a gift to the Democrats from their BFF’s communist China, you bet they will not let this (health) crisis go to waste to use for their political gain.


Edit: I see I was mistaken.

Trump actually did extend stay in place orders til the end of April.

So, Conan, et al…is he doing this to bow to Lib pressure, or has he come to an agreement with his advisers that it would be best?

Always a conspiracy.

Did Rush also mention that the date can be rescinded at anytime and June 10th isn’t mandatory?

It’s all run by the state GOP, right? They can do whatever they want.

Dems are majority.

Its another conspiracy being peddled by Rush.
Other states have moved the primaries. VA could do the same.
Its simply to get Trump worshippers all riled up over something they have no idea why June 10th was selected.

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This is exactly what cons are doing. Turning a GLOBAL health crisis into a half-cocked idiot conspiracy that’s going to result in people not taking this seriously and getting sick. Stupid stupid stupid.


He probably also didn’t mention that Governor Northram was specifically asked about how this affected elections (apparently Virginia has a lot of election days, not just one primary day) and said they are actively working to come up with election guidance.

And I’m still at a loss to see what political advantage the OPer or Rush think is to be gained here.

Perhaps if they could be a little more specific?

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Right…he just happen to pull that date out of his ass.


I am just having a hard time processing June 10th. If the governor of NJ did that, and I would not put it past him, that would mean I get to stay home from work for almost 3 months? I haven’t been out of work that long since I was 15.

I’m going to transform from a relatively thin individual with short hair to a pony tail wearing fatbody from all the grilling.

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I asked a question- what political advantage are you seeing here for the Democrats?

Or are we just juxtaposing here?

Why June 10th? Out of 72 days he could have picked until the 10th he picked that one. Not first of June, not mid of June or even end of June. And not beginning of week but in Wednesday no less.

Sorry…but I believe without doubt it was politically motivated. you’re not BSing me otherwise.


I don’t really see how this could hurt Trump. Presidents tend to get to much credit for good things and too much blame for bad things. As much as I have come to dislike Trump, If we come out of this virus better off than most people expect, Trump will walk to re-election and if that’s why he get re-elected I will happily live with that.

What political advantage, Conan?

Take a stab…anything…


So what political advantage are you seeing here for the Democrats?

Rush said it, and June 10 as an end date seems suspicious, ergo…

Why June 10th libs? Why was that particular date pulled out of his ass?

Answer the question on what political advantage you see the Democrats gaining first.

You were asked this question first.