Is the leaking of Biden soiling himself hitting below the belt?

Recognizing how many of our elders are seriously incontinent it is understandable how many news outlets use discretion with Biden even though he may be among those who regularly poop his pants.

My beef is apparent lack of consistency depending what political party occupies the White House.

Every POTUS should ideally get the same silent treatment on matters as medically private as these.

What say you?

“Do your duty” as the press core or not…

Biden chose to lie to the nation and stand knowing his own deteriorating condition but pretending to be fit to serve for 4 years. He has also said publicly that invading politicians’ toilets and publishing what happens there is what politicians should expect, vis a vis Sinema.

In his case, it’s sauce (or something) for the gander. “Instant karma gonna get you…” John Lennon.


Here is the NY Post article on Biden talking about Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s own bathroom incident.


The 800-lb gorilla in the room is Biden’s obvious physical and mental decline.

This is the man who has the power to launch nuclear weapons that can wipe out most of humanity.

This is the man is supposed to be able to make tough decisions when there are conflicting expert opinions.

Biden has no business being president.

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You can’t hit any lower then leftists do, so I say NO it’s not too much. If the roles were reversed the Left & the Democrat marxists would do worse !


There’s plenty of them still up.

Libs have to defend the Kid Sniffer pooping his pants now? Holy crap.



When they reverse. :wink:

The reports are spreading quickly because of Biden’s age and obvious health issues.

If the White House and the media have to run a campaign to kill what turns out to be a false rumor, Biden is still toast.

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And if he’s not making those decisions, someone unelected and unappointed is.


Key point.

Yes, Biden appears to be puppet-in-chief.

Much like FDR who was crippled yet rarely seen in a photograph with him seated in the wheelchair, any administration is essentially obliged to conceal what adversaries would surely try to exploit as a sign of American significant weakness.

Biden’s problem today is coverage of most anything he does is vintage Joe as Johnny-on-the-spot…

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This is one of those stories where I like to apply the “what if this was Trump” test…

MessNbc and cnn were dragging drs in to evaluate trumps mental and physical fitness for far less.

Personally I prefer a president who can control his bladder, his bowels, and most importantly his mind.

Don’t know about the first two but Biden is damn sure failing in the mind part.


It’s only obvious to the BDS crew.

The POTUS is fine.

Prolly had intestinal problems from traveling.


True. I remember a couple of these things leveled against Trump. I thought it was over the line then as well.



Yes, the media made sure to highlight wheelchair use for politicians they opposed.

Contrast how they treated FDR with that of Southern Democrat George Wallace. Wallace was a segregationist who had the annoying habit of winning Democratic primaries in Wisconsin and several states in 1972. An assassination attempt ended that campaign and left him paralyzed from the waist down:

And BDS in the hannity forum runs rampant.


Staying classy, as usual, I see :smirk: