Is the Government shutdown a good thing?

For all the bloated over reaching helicopter services to be shutdown for me is a welcome reprieve. We might save a few bucks. Now I won’t be breaking any laws in my daily routine by not having permits or other stuff government related. I think it will be good to trim some of the fat

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In 2017 it was estimated that a shutdown costs about $6.5B per week. Good taxpayer $ down the drain. And this time I believe that it will not gain anything for Trump. And he will not be successful at blaming the D’s for this one.


Yes, it’s great for hundreds of thousands of people to suddenly be without a paycheck and to end up costing ourselves even more in the long run so that Individual 1 can engage in yet more political theatrics.

This is all one big joke. I’m lovin’ it like a BigMac.

Stop the SS checks!!

Ive decided Big Macs are messy. I opt for Royal deluxe

MAGA’ers get a lot of them so perhsps now they will feel the bite of their wicked ways

The only hamburger I’ll eat is a double double animal style.

Are you saying its more expensive to have a shutdown that just to keep plugging along?

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Out of principle alone I will never go there. My time is to valuable to sit for 20 minutes in their line

I guess it matters how long it stays shutdown. Don’t worry all 800,000 government employees will get back paid, they always do, on taxpayer dollars.

I have never had to wait that long. You must be doing something wrong.

Are you justifying/defending the shut down?


I’m glad Trump never shot anyone in the face on Fifth Avenue, because then we’d have the inevitable “Is Shooting a Man in the Face on Fifth Avenue a Good Thing?” thread.


Since this is the only way for genuine negotiation to happen…Let’s do this.

Trump is the BEST President in 50 years.

We don’t have In and Out, Chick Fil A, or even White Castle here. :frowning_face:

Who elses dollars would they get paid on? They are federal government workers lol.

You should consider moving … js.

I would, but I’m way too tired to build another home. lol