Is the GOP Dead?

Read this recently. It is by a Liberal talk show host.

Some valid points made, but I think both parties have been corrupted by the ultra wealthy. That being said, I believe the system has been corrupted primarily by a few SC decisions, and the lack of legislation to try to fix the problem.

The Republican Party is dead. As Donald Trump openly and brazenly commits crime after crime in the White House, and former officials pointed it out to the world, the Republicans cower in silence or make lapdog efforts to support him.

The Republican Party has had no core values since it was taken over by the ultra wealthy in the 1980s. Republicans now only care about helping and defending the interests of the very rich. They will yell about abortion, guns, and immigrants to bring in gullible voters, but it’s really all about money. If the Republican Party had any actual values beyond helping the rich get richer, they would not be defending Donald Trump.

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