Is The Global Temperature Record Credible

Nice video from youtube which does something I would have loved to have done, given the time to do it. It compares current NASA temp graphs of land temps since 1800 to their past graphs.

For example what they graphed in the 2000 or 1974 compared to what they graph today. This video documents how over the last 20 year govt climate “scientists” have cooled the past and warmed the present. Luckily, this stuff is still preserved in print and on library shelves… for now!

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Did you notice the graph gets steeper and steeper during the Obama admin…

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Did you ever notice that the Global warming myth is just another flood myth? If we keep sinning, the ice caps will melt, and we will have another giant flood and wipe out humanity… The wrath of Gaia…LMAO!

That’s one reason the flood myth is in so many religions, it works…

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What does the OP have to say about the 2018 summer heat wave that occurred among Japan and the Korean Peninsula??

Anyone who voted for Trump can easily pretend that Climate Change isn’t real and Global average temperatures are not rising quickly. Reality is not a friend to Trump voters…so…change Reality!


You can see on the OP, the temp graph from 1974, and the missing cool down in the 2018 graph.

He documents lots of article from the 70’s and 60’s of scientist worried about a coming ice age.

Same as it ever was…

The best part of this will be down the road, when Republicans blame Democrats for climate change (in a political context), as well as the unwillingness of liberals and leftists to recognize the problem or do anything about it. Because you know there’s a 100% of that happening.


The very scientists who warned and were unfortunately correct all along will be blamed for not doing enough to warn the public.

For some it could be a sort of virtue signaling that they are part of / hope for admittance into the authoritarian/fascist regimes that have and will continue to crop up as the environment deteriorates and societal problems mount. The best days are over for the most advanced societies more likely than not.

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Has there NEVER been a heat wave before this year?

“Record” so no never a heat wave like that

Yes, liberals never stop using fossil fuel… They just want others too.

Derp. No one is saying we eliminate fossil fuel.

Another Cratic fail.

Here’s another guy going over the actual climate record. Not just since 1880.

And 1 degree in over 100 years is really stable…

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Very interesting presentation. Had to watch it on YouTube … the refresh thing made it near impossible to view it here. :confused:

Our current earth age is called the Holocene.


See most of the warming happens about 10,000 years ago…

You’d think someone would have spoke up if it was real.

Off to burn some tires.

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There are two separate issues. And many on the left equate the two.

We can do things to be better stewards of the earth. Do things cleaner, safer, and more responsibly. Try to limit pollution and litter, manage our woodlands to avoid deforestation, and move to cleaner power sources as they become reliable.

None of that has much of anything to do with global warming. A person can be for proper stewardship of the earth, yet not believe in man caused global warming. I’m all for limiting actual pollution, co2 just doesn’t meet that criteria for me. There are a lot of things we can and should do better. We’re just wasting a ton of funding chasing this co2 rabbit hole that could have been used soo much better going towards other environmental issues.

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You may as well. Climate change is natural and there’s nothing man can change about it. :sunglasses::+1:

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