Is the Georgia governorship in play?

I need someone who knows Georgia politics. I’ve never looked at it before. But RCP just posted some polls that show Abrams only down by two to both Cagle and Kemp.

I know it’s early but is this a fluke poll? Because RCP has Georgia as “Likely GOP”.

@wonderingrover is from Georgia. He may have some insight here.

It does appear that it may be in play. There are a few issues at play here - I’ll try to address them by candidate below.

  1. Casey Cagle: On the plus side, Cagle has been the Lt. Governor for over a decade now, so he knows how to work well with the legislature. Also, he has the endorsement of the current governor (Nathan Deal). On the negative side, a primary opponent has secretly recorded comments with him admitting he supported a piece of legislation because it would knock another opponent out of the race. Also, the current governor has been embroiled in a couple of scandals himself.

  2. Brian Kemp: This guy is the current Secretary of State. On the positive side, he has done a good job overall in that office. On the negative side, he is trying to sell himself as the politically incorrect candidate. So much so, that he has given ammunition in his own ads for both Cagle and Abrams to use against him. He has been endorsed by Trump, which which could be a positive or negative depending on your view of Trump.

  3. Stacey Abrams: her strength is that she connects with the urban crowd in Atlanta - particularly the African American community. She soundly defeated her primary opponent (Stacey Evans). Her weakness is that she is appealing to the fringe on the left, just as Cagle and Kemp are attempting to appeal to the fringe in the Republican party.

Now, as to the overall race, Cagle appeals to people in both urban and rural areas, though he is more attractive to rural voters. Kemp appeals mainly to the rural voters. Around Atlanta, Abrams has the biggest appeal.

It’s going to come down to how many independents each candidate can attract as to who finally wins the election. Keep in mind though, that this is still very early and things can change fast.


very good summation, as a 20 year resident of GA i agree


I don’t know why, but you strike me as a big Cagle supporter. Gonna yank hard on that “R” lever in the voting booth, I reckon.


WA based now so i probably shouldn’t try to get the yellow voting card this year ;p

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that is our job, we ruin razzing, we ruin fun, grammar, oh and the country when we get some free time

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