Is the Daily Beast responsible for the death of Gonzalo Lira?

Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American blogger who has been reporting from Kharkov Ukraine is missing.

Lira has said that if he goes missing, assume that the SBU (= Ukrainian successor to the KGB) has arrested him and the Daily Beast is responsible for contacting the Ukrainian government to them to go after him.

Honest belief may help to explain why Lira seems willing to expose himself to danger. Both he, his critics, and expert observers note that he’s received death threats and withstood efforts to track down his home address . . .

If Lira is in SBU custody, what should happen to him?

If his body is found in Ukraine under mysterious circumstances, is the Daily Beast responsible for his death?

You should post the videos where while in Ukraine he was implying that Bucha was false flag. I wonder if he got arrested for that? Yeah yeah no free speech there.

Only if they pulled the trigger.

Near as I can tell, DB merely exposed his bad reporting.

Okay, are you saying that getting the SBU to arrest Lira is a good thing?

Media outlets doxing average people with the “wrong” politics has become the norm.

Media outlets defending attacks on civilians is fine too, but only when the right government is responsible.

I bet you love yourself some Project Veritas though dont you?


Yes, I doubt that Lira’s widow will get a dime from the Daily Beast.

Curiously publishing a list of US intel operatives acting as reporters is illegal. Should we change that so long as the point is to expose their bad or misleading reporting?

Got proof that the Daily Beast got the SBU to arrest him?

He was a US intel operative?

No. Do you have proof that the Daily Beast article is unrelated to Lira’s disappearance?

Asking for proof of a negative? Seriously? :man_facepalming:

Have you proven its related? The burden of proof lies with the accuser

No, but the Beast implies he is a likely Russian operative:

Given the glaring alignment between Russian state narratives and Lira’s commentary, Hrycak, the Ukraine expert, speculated that he may be compensated by Russia . . .

The SBU has a nasty habit of executing people accused of being a Russian operative. No trial required.

And that is proof of what?

Good thing? No.

There is no free speach there.

Do you think it’s a good idea to blame an American prog blog for his arrest by implication?

How did they determine those people were operatives without the Daily Beast telling them?

She can get his Darwin Award


The standard of evidence appears to be extremely low, at least for Ukrainian citizens.

And yet he still chose to travel there and spew Russian propaganda on their soil. Darwin Award for sure

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Wait: is Lira an intelligence operative?

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He chose to marry a Ukrainian woman. He and his family were living in Kharkov when the Russian invasion started. Perhaps he has been trying to improve the situation for his family by exposing obvious lies and misinformation coming from Washington and the Zelensky regime.

No proof is necessary. Evidence-free suspicions are the current standard in Washington and Kiev. Just ask the 51 former intel officials who signed the gag order on the Biden laptop story.

Speaker of a House Pelosi has called Ukraine an example of democracy that the US should emulate. Are we going to see FBI agents with SS patches on their uniforms?

See video at 1:20: