Is the bottom dropping out of Biden's polling numbers?

Rasmussen has noted that DNC-approved polls are missing in action:

CNN is still reporting poll results from before the conventions:

Interestingly Don Lemon seems to reference unpublished polling results in recent comments about how riots are helping Trump:

"He’s got to come out to talk about it. He’s got to do a speech like Barack Obama did about race," Lemon said. “The rioting has to stop… it’s showing up in the polling; it’s showing up in focus groups; it is the only thing right now that is sticking.”–Don Lemon

Does the lack of published poll results hint at an embarrassingly large drop in Biden’s poll numbers after the Republican convention?

Must be because Trump is taking all those mailboxes off the streets?

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Does the lack of published poll results hint at an embarrassingly large drop in Trump’s poll numbers after the Republican convention at a time in which the MSM would prefer a tightening race rather than a false sense of security - GOTV crushing Biden blow out as we enter early voting?

I don’t get what Rasmussen is asking, why there aren’t enough polls ? We should probably have a slew after Labor Day

‘bottom dropping out’ seems to be a stretch.

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Are they waiting until they repeat polls until they get the “right” results?

I am sure if they simply exclude Republicans from the poll things would look much better for Biden.

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And that includes Fox News ?

The news end of Fox News is not conservative in ideology. Plus they do not want to show radically unfavorable results for Biden when the rest of the mainstream media are silent.

Why do you think that all the DNC-approved polls missing in action?

Where did you get the image? Link?

I disagree. Reason - FNC is killing in ratings because they offer a contrast to other MSM. They’ve not been afraid to buck the trend and it works well in their favor.

Fox may be afraid to present results that are wildly different that what other polls are showing.

Where are the poll results that Don Lemon was concerned about?

Why is CNN withholding their poll if it were favorable for Biden?

This situation looks like a case of the “dog not barking”.

I will wait for the week after Labor Day before I make any conclusions.

That’s another thing - if MSM is in the tank for Biden, all the more reason for them to release polls that are unfavorable for Biden to light a fire under liberals lest they become complacent and overconfident.

I screenshotted it from 538.

Biden’s numbers have barely moved since he became the presumptive nominee. He’s has the most stable run of any Democratic presidential candidate in the history of polling up until this point.

Give them a break man. They’re still figuring how many extra dems to poll in order to make the polls the same as before the conventions.

They’re working on it. :sunglasses:

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Yes. Law and order is an immediate and serious issue, and Biden has demonstrated that his position on that is not based on common sense and principle, but whether his position affects his popularity with whoever matters *at the time".

At election time, people’s opinions matter. But between elections, his donors’ opinions matter - we can include China in there - and the people don’t.

His attacks against Trump re Covid can be easily neutralised in the minds of the rational middle with a comparison of his response to his administration’s plague. But his callous silence over the destruction and death being wrought on regions run by his own party, cannot win against Trump’s four year campaign on behalf of law enforcement and law and order.

Nail. coffin. Goodbye Joe. RIP.

Polls are polls. Some are good. Some are bad.


Rasmussen poll shows Biden has gained in the last week

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