Is the Biden campaign based on a lie?

This sort of stuff during an election does no bother me. Its all part of the game and a game that Trump and his campaign also plays.

It all about taking comments out of context o even outright lies and fearmongering.

I much prefer the UK method of elections where you get a 6 week period to campaign.

Here in the US it is a non stop campaign. Most people start to tune out and start to pay attention a few weeks before.

The “fundamental transformation of America” by Biden’s handlers through communist inspired civil unrest, racial divisiveness and class persecution is no lie.

Yawn. We heard the same crap during Obamas campagin runs yet America is still standing. Our form of government is the same as is our legal system.

Obama probably backed down for his and Biden’s political/personal gains more than anything else.

Remember when Obama walked back his harsher comments as a “teachable moment”, Biden and he still had another general election to win.

Fear of losing the endorsements of the police unions never materialized in 2012 campaign either.

Obama clearly knew blasting this one isolated officer’s misdeeds was violating Gates 1st amendment rights and grossly improper (as he was initially quoted condemning the officer).

Instead Joe and him have beers with the officer…

One thing we see on honesty with Biden (topic of this thread) is how anti-police he really is.

Data supports in overwhelming fashion most cops are good and do their jobs extremely well.

Yet, Biden these days along with many other of the elected officials on the left will not stand up for their residents against these non-peaceful people who commit heinous-illegal acts against the police-people in general.

Biden’s criticism of police made it easier for Trump in being endorsed by the vast majority of law enforcement unions across America this coming November.

I like how some people are still trying to gaslight us to try and rehabilitate Trumps “Nazis are good people” comments. We watched it live. I saw the horror on the faces of the Fox News hosts when he said it. I saw “His Generals” sinking into themselves as he said it. Everyone knew he had ****ed up. Stop trying to parse and explain it away, we all saw it live.

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Yeah. Non members sympathetic to the “cause”.

Yeah , for some reason they keep forgetting to mention that tidbit. That the event was organized specifically to unite white supremacy groups in an effort to bring awareness to the goal of a white America.

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Off course it’s a lie. Virtually the entire platform is based on lies.

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Exactly right. They didn’t call it the Unite The Right rally for nothing. I’d like to know who those “fine people” were.

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No they did not
“Pivotal moment for the pro-white movement in America”

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Big difference between you and I watching on TV those faces appear on the screen the majority of whom are well compensated broadcasters morally judging Trump words.

Inaction against violence and rioting is actual horror in my and most people’s book.

Instead millions of law abiding people are now at the mercy of these elected officials (mostly Democrat) who have their police often stand down against these bad actors.

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The people who opposed tearing down of the statues who were peacefully protesting and not marching with the NN’s.

Jew will not replace us.


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That does not in any way excuse the blatant disregard of respecting verbal commands that almost always precedes someone dying at the hands of a police officer.

…yet many parts have now been destroyed.

It is if you are not giving deference too officers giving lawful commanded.

…the people who showed up to what specifically a pro-white rally organized by white supremacists with the sole intention of bringing attention to their cause

They were willfully and knowingly attending a Unite The Right rally. whose sole purpose was to unite racist supremacist groups into a coalition.

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The Henry Louis Gates incident was a clear example of the police acting stupidly.

There was no reason for the arrest.

The fact that people don’t want to admit that is crazy.


Or looters, arsonists and murderers.

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