Is That Your Final Answer? Millionaire host's rant on Thunberg

Sony Pictures’ “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” went off after 20 years in the United States in May (which gives Sony legal terms under the contract that in May 2020 Sony will officially take over all rights of the show; the previous owners, Celador, had a deal with Disney but Sony reworked the deal a few years ago after acquiring 2waytraffic), but since May 2018 has become a popular revived game show in the UK on ITV (the same network that gave us many top British franchises, and was the UK home of their Law & Order franchise) with Jeremy Clarkson as the host.

Clarkson had a rant about the climate change protester teen in a tabloid this week.

Oh, well. Pelosi saw to it that going after Trump ended Ms Thunberg’s moment of fame.

When Greta is your hero, your life is just a zero…and what’s a zillion, times zero?

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Good point. :+1:

Ya know, when a 16 year old has the balls to stand up for what she believes in the way she has (regardless of whether you agree or not) she deserves a degree of respect. Of course, since Trump is involved the usual suspects will attack her regardless.

Respect…is a two-way street. It isn’t just one way…and libs are using this little girl for nothing more than to push their agenda. She can speak freely but…NO ONE can challenge her baseless conclusions. Just stop with the high and mighty. Also note…I didn’t attack her. I’m attacking those that are using her and called them “zeros”. I protect children my friend. I don’t use them for my purposes.

This is a false statement.

That’s an attack.

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But not on Greta but those who think she is their hero. Just as the poster said.

If you can honestly label what I said as an “attack”, then you live in drama.

Was in supposed to be a compliment?

When you called her supporters names, do you believe that was supposed to be an intellectual argument?

Either you will attack children, or you won’t.

Parsing the details isn’t going to win this fight.

No one has called Greta their “hero”.

He is attacking her by belittling her and infantilizing her.

All I’m asking for is honesty and obviously…you aren’t capable.

It’s an attack because in your eyes, she is incapable of having an opinion.

You have decided that she is an object of ridicule.


Don’t make me laugh.

Even if she’s wrong about everything, she deserves praise. She’s 16.

Feel free but you were very dishonest labeling my statement…an “attack”.

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Nope. You were dishonest in claiming that it wasn’t an attack.

…and so much for honesty.

Right back atcha.

He is specifically speaking of those people (whether you think they have called her a hero or not), not her.

I think there needs to be a remedial English/Grammar class in this thread also.