Is Sweden and Europe moving to the right?

Yep it appears so. All it took was a little dose of globalism. The massive numbers of unvetted, uneducated migrants has severely damaged their quality of life. Swedes did not ask for this. It was forced on them. Especially the people Ljusnarsberg who’s once peaceful existence has been ruined. And the migrants are immediately placed on welfare when they arrive, which means Swedish citizens are forced to take care of them.

One politician stated: “I think people here want to see change, they want society to be like it used to be.” A local woman said: “Since the arrival of so many asylum seekers, women are afraid to walk the streets at night.” And no libs, they don’t feel this way because they are Nazi’s. They feel this way because they are experiencing a crime surge. We need to be smart people. We simply need to learn form this. We do not need to inflict this type of misery on our own people. We don’t owe everybody in the world a place in America.

Interesting article.

…alt-right, Nazi, racist, bigoted, white supremicist, white nationalistic…Islamaphobes. If ya don’t believe me…ask Soros.

Its a proven trend that Europe can’t do anything in moderation they are either super left wing or super right wing.

I think that they are fine being a little left of center. As long as their quality of life is good. But their leadership took a pretty good situation and turned it in to a mess. They were caught off guard. They just want their lives back. Who can blame them?

Libs utopia dream of forced culture homogenization will backfire on em…and even lead to bloodshed.

That blood will be on their hands.

The big no go zone is Europe’s press not talking about no go zones… And don’t bring it up in Britain…

Fortunately, Europe tried this first and it has been dismal for people living in areas overwhelmed by migrants. The Canary in the coal mine died. Americans want no part of this mess. Even liberals who are infatuated with Islam are starting to get a grasp on reality.

Europeans solve their race and culture issues by exterminating the problem. Time and time again. Arabs and Africans are no different in that regard either. So yeah, mass migration by peoples who are pretty used to genociding others shouldn’t be in the same country.

And what race or nationality hasn’t? Which culture or race is innocent? Ancient history. Right now the biggest offender seems to be Islam. But Islam is sometime a victim as well.

No semitic people are safe for long in Europe.

Currently you are exactly backwards. The knifings, the bombings, the shootings, the rapes and other things are being committed mostly by the migrants. The only people killing the migrants are other migrants. Nobody forced them to go to Europe.

There’s always a justification for anti-semitism.

Or maybe you are simply making a false accusation? What you offer is the assumption that the people who are a having their lives ruined just have poor character? Are you willing to assume that it maybe it could be a little more than that? Maybe they don’t like having their cars torched? Maybe they don’t like being forced to have women only concerts to avoid sexual assault? Maybe they don’t like the increase in random knifings that are happening? Maybe they did not like the summer of 2018 being the summer of rape? Maybe they don’t like being economically responsible for the world’s poor? You assign a character flaw to the Europeans as the primary reason for them wanting their peaceful exitance back. That is one hell of a baseless accusation.

Heard it all before.

Right so have I. Everyone who has a different view than you is a bigot. Yep. Heard it all before. Heard it so many times that the most likely response is the eyeroll.

Fortunately for them. They don’t care what either one of us think. They just want their peace back.

One of the things people on the right display is ignorance.

The alt right in Sweden has a long history of hating Jews. They are trying to distance the party from them but they are still in the party.

In East of Europe Jews can wear their kipa without being afraid of being attacked by some muslims, Jewish institutions dont have to be monitored 24/7 Hungarian PM Orban bragged about that to exemplify that his coutry is safe because they didnt allow mass immigration and also the amount of muslim in the population is very low.
And…Africans arent semites…


The most ignorant people are the leftists/liberals

Librul nonesense, as usually :smile:

The 1990s is ancient history? I was in first grade when the wars in the former Yugoslavia ended. That’s not ancient history.

Normal people don’t worry too much about the Alt right. Or the Alt left. But they do worry about their wives and daughters being sexually assaulted at a concert by massive numbers of people brought in by their government. I think that all else being equal, they just want their peace back. Can we blame them for that?