Is Something Wrong With joe biden?

Sorry to hear that.

However, if being tired of Trump is a reason to blow a vessel in your eye out then God help us when something of actual significance causes stress.

Trump is revolting to look at at ANY time, obese and sickly looking; not a healthy man. Makes it a non factor in the election IMO.

Good luck with your health in the future, Creepy Joe. Watch that snout of yours, it has a mind of its own. lol


That’s a nose, not a hand.

It’s cute that you don’t think there’s no actual significance with trump.

In all seriousness, Biden should never have run for POTUS. He’s passed his time and is obviously on the decline. There is a good reason President Obama hasn’t come out for him…because he knows this too.

He is already falling into the Hillary trap of avoiding the people and making produced content for media release.

Meanwhile President Trump speaks candidly every day to a hostile Press corps and wins.


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Obama doesn’t wanna lose his season tickets to the island when Joe’s kid sniffing ways become front and center next year.

There’s nothing cute about a double-negative. It’s a poor use of the English language.

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I agree. I honestly don’t think his heart is in it, either.

Bob Dole

It’s not gonna be biden.

And I said that before his higher than normal brain addled gaffes forced his campaign into hiding.

He’s a plagiarized joke.

You got him now.

Triggered much?

Biden bad man.

Choose biden.

It’ll be funny.

Not as funny as the worship Taliban Trump recieves.

Be careful of what you say. The Loyalists will claim you are obsessed.

At this point I see then for who they really are.

Can’t defend it so attack the poster.