Is single party rule really a good idea?

I think it’s here folks. The dems are about to seize it. Ronald Reagan won Texas by 27 points. Every year since then, Texas has been slowly turning blue. Trump won Texas by 5 points. Georgia is already gone, I see nothing to stop Texas from going too. And what happens when they do? The democrats will start out each election with 257 electoral votes. It’s game over before it started. No path to victory for any republican. So you ask, can’t we just vote them out if they go too crazy? No we cannot. If they control everything, they also have total control of elections. I believe there is already a bill that removes state control of election security and puts the federal government in charge.

How did the democrats pull this off? Illegal immigration of course. The dems play this silly assed game where they claim that they have much more compassion for the world’s downtrodden than the racist republicans. The dems are just better people and opening the borders is what we need to do to better serve the world. NOBODY BELIEVES THIS! Nobody thinks they do this because they are just bighearted, loving people. It’s a power grab. And even liberals know it.

So folks. I hope you like authoritarian rule. Because it’s coming. Not a single aspect of your life will be free. Nothing will be permitted without the consent of the federal government. This is going to suck


Im sure you’d be complaining if that single party was Republican.

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Illegal immigrants can’t vote.

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This is a stupid assed reply. Nobody cares what your opinion of me is. It’s not relevant. Do you have any opinion of the topic?

I would and here is why…

Echo chambers are always bad.

Till the next amnesty and short track to citizenship.


Oooh. Scary.

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Yes…its a stupid ass topic. Just another rant about Republicans not being in power for the time being. I’m just waiting for the deprogramming camps to open. :grin::grin::grin:


Thanks Captain obvious for the third grade civics lesson. Now here’s one for you. Did you know that the offspring off illegal invaders CAN vote? And did you know that if the dems put themselves in charge of election security they can ignore elections laws just as they ignore border laws?

Up your game dude.


Wouldn’t worry about demographic shifts if those demographics concerns were addressed by the party.

You certainly will not like authoritarian rule. Nobody does. You’re screwed too. That’s the only upside to this.

Where have I advocated for authoritarian rule?


Weak reply. Admission that he’s correct?


Yes… so they don’t vote.

It just doesn’t happen.

Now there’s a valid point.

…and yet, a major news source is providing articles that state otherwise.

He’s right. He’s also pointing out the fatal flaw in your OP - you are assuming the republicans cannot or will not appeal to changing demographics, that Georgia is lost forever.

The problem is not the people or the dems, the problem is the GOP.

If only the GOP would get on board selling US citizens down the river…


False dilemma.