Is Shifty bluffing...….Again?

As we know, Shifty claimed to have evidence of Collusion with Russia. And when the time came for him to present said evidence, he suddenly went silent. Now, Shifty is claiming that time is running out for Mueller to volunteer to testify before congress. He may have to be subpoenaed. You will be shocked to hear this, but I’m not a huge Shifty Schiff supporter. But, I support 100 percent his effort to bring in Mueller. I would love to see a few of the republican/ lawyer congressman have a shot at cross examination. Do it Shifty. Doooo it! Don’t let us down…Again.

Name calling is a grade school tactic.

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Which is exactly why you say this every time you see the name Fat Donald used? Am I right? I actually do agree with you though. I will never say a disparaging word toward you, play gotcha with you or anything else disrespectful unless responding in kind. But according to the community standards, politicians are not a protected class.

So with that. I’m gonna take another crack at the topic. Do you think Mueller should be subpoenaed? I am highly interested in your opinion on this. I have already heard your opinion of me. :innocent:

Yes, I would like to see Mueller testify and if Congressman Schiff has to subpeona him, he should.

So would I. Let Mueller appear in front of the House.

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Trump is the ultimate bluffer, just look at his FISA document release pledge

At his press conference, Mueller made it pretty clear that if required to testify he is just going to pretty much repeat what was in the report and add nothing to it.
If some think he is going to say something like “Except for the DOJ rule, I would have indicted Trump for obstruction” you can forget it.


That would be great. Most people haven’t read the report and it would be good to get Mueller’s comments on it.


I agree.

That’s pre-MAGA thinking. Now it’s a presidential level tactic.

Should Mueller be subpoenaed?

It’s within congressional authority. I leave the strategy up to them.

You’ve already heard his comments…first in the 400+ pages of the report and then at his final press conference where he said he had nothing to add to it.

I’d like to see conservatives have a shot at him. I would like to know the exact date that he discovered that collusion was a delusion. And then I would ask why he pressed on after he knew it was a hoax.

Trump didn’t even answer the questions posed by Mueller until November of last year. How could he make a determination before that?

I’m in luv. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe Trump wants to get closer to the election…to receive the ultimate positive impact?