IS SHE SERIOUS? Sen. Gillibrand Says ‘There’s Nothing Socialist’ About the ‘Green New Deal’

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New York Senator and potential 2020 candidate Kirsten Gillibrand defended the Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ in an interview published this week; saying there’s “nothing socialist” about the massive government program.

Gillibrand was speaking with New York Magazine when she was asked to comment on her party’s proposal to drastically overhaul the nation’s energy, infrastructure, travel, and housing sectors.

“Let’s use market forces to create investment and, you know, there’s nothing socialist about it. You’re saying we need to do this to protect humanity,” said the Senator.

“Not only are you going to create a ton of jobs because you are actually investing in these industries where, unfortunately, we’ve lost market opportunity to China because we refuse to invest in it,” she added.

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