Is Roe V Wade going to be overturned?

When the very first sentence is a lie, the entire article should be dismissed.

First sentence:

“The anti-abortion rights movement is largely faith based.”

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Well that’s their argument. From the article:

“The act prohibits Jewish women from practicing their faith free of government intrusion and this violates their privacy rights and religious freedom,” the lawsuit said

It takes a special level of disingenuousness to claim that abortion is part of the “practice of Jewish faith”.

But there are all kinds out there. Of course you can find someone who says just about anything. And in this case, if it fits the lust to keep the killing of one’s own child as a “right”, it becomes the perfect straw to grasp.


And we’ve seen arguments in many of the abortion threads here (and by commentators, and analysts elsewhere) that Calif and NY law already allows for it to some extent. Certainly their current laws allow for exceeding the trimester thresholds that R.v.W set.


It’s not a lie. Remember, they share your vocabulary, not your dictionary.

They have the faith of zealots, but not in what I do.

Great word salad. (Shrug).

It’s ok to not understand.

Mobilize the Bureaucracy! Bring out the Petty Tyrants!


The buffoon is at it again! Why doesn’t someone make him sign an Executive Order to keep his stupid mouth shut?


obama joe shut up


Well here we go again

I thought it was against federal law to harass or influence a USSC Justice? The guy had a threat on his life at his home recently fer crissakes!
Why won’t the DOJ enforce the law?


For anyone interested here is the lawsuit filed by a Jewish Synagogue who filed suit based on their faith.


He should have thought about that before he voted against women’s baby murder rights!

Libs wanted him to “do SOMETHING”. And that is “something”.

Meaningless. But yes, it’s something.

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“cOnSeRvAtIves wOnt sEek a NaTiOnaL BAn!!”

It needs to be a constitutional amendment. Legislation won’t work.

And fear not, pro-aborts! Proposing legislation now to ban abortion is, at best, a tactic to get individuals on record. (As if we don’t already know who will vote one way or another.)

Never heard of her.

Whatevs. You guys are gonna sweep into power and overreach. Happens every time.

Might not be willing to leave power given the alternative, just saying.

I hear (D)omestic terrorism is no big (D)eal. :rofl:

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This is Merrick Garland’s DOJ. He is the court jester for whoever is running the White House.
Garland is a chump and a coward.