Is President Trump being blackmailed into abandoning fundamental objectives?

I, as many other patriotic and freedom loving conservatives, was astounded to learn about President Trump’s early morning tweets in which he informed his followers he was pulling our troops out of Syria, and, “because of the tremendous dangers at the Border, including large scale criminal and drug inflow, the United States Military will build the Wall!”

In regard to President Trump deciding to pull out of Syria, Senator Graham noted on Twitter, it “would be a huge Obama-like mistake”, and, “While American patience in confronting radical Islam may wane, the radical Islamists’ passion to kill Americans and our allies never wavers.” Senator Graham went on to say “An American withdrawal at this time would be a big win for ISIS, Iran, Bashar al Assad of Syria, and Russia. I fear it will lead to devastating consequences for our nation, the region, and throughout the world.”

Of course it will. After our military has finally gotten things under control, and many Americans have lost their lives in this accomplishment, President Trump has decided to make the same kind of fatal mistake that he accused Obama of. . . withdrawing our troops and creating a vacuum to be filled by America’s most dangerous enemies.

We also have learned today that President Trump may very well cave into a continuing resolution to fund the government in which $10.6 Billion will be appropriated to Mexico’s and Central America’s governments who have been accomplices in an ongoing invasion of our borders and importing their poverty, criminals and drugs into our country. Not to mention this continuing resolution actually withdraws $1.5 Billion which was to go to funding the wall.

These actions by President Trump make no sense whatsoever and are a total reversal of his stated principles and policies which America’s conservatives embraced and placed their trust in. To suddenly make such a reversal suggests he may very well have been blackmailed into submission.

Is this thinking farfetched? Not when we consider how the Mueller investigation for “collusion” has obtained indictments and convictions for everything but “collusion”, and the real colluder with Russia, Hillary Clinton, goes untouched.


Without a Fifth Column Media, Yellow Journalism, Hollywood, and a corrupted FBI, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, would be making license tags in a federal penitentiary

he’s just a sleazy con man.


I agree with CITM.

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Most likely he is being blackmailed. This is why I advocated so hard for him to be vetted before he was elected. I was ignored.


I’m not sure how that opinion is intended to apply to the subject of the thread.


Pee tape is probably real and Russia is blackmailing him about everything. Shoulda looked closer at this sleazy corrupt conman before deciding he was the conservative Messiah.


Trump might be getting blackmailed. He’s a real scum of the earth type, so I’m sure there’s a lot that Putin could find on that fat, sloppy, orange degenerate.


Do you get Medicare?

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To whom did you advocate this?

No, he’s not being blackmailed - he is simply 1) incompetent; 2) a stooge for his boyfriend Poots; and 3) does not care about anyone but himself.

Hope this helps!


Russian kompromat is likely.

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i’m guessing a whole lot of posters here who complain about government cheese actually partake.

i bet there’s a word for that.

Scammers are going to scam. If you did a real look into law suites against him for decades you would know that his current actions match his past actions.

I have a family whose medical expenses is covered through my service in the Navy. I put in the time, and so me and my kind can receive medical benefits. That’s really no different than Medicare. You have to serve your country by participating in the military service, or getting old, before tax payers will foot your medical benefits.

He’s not being blackmailed. He’s merely exposing himself for what he always was: a conman.

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Hypocrisy? If that’s what you are going for, I have to disagree. If a person has money taken from them their entire life for this benefit, trying to recoup that money is nowhere near hypocrisy.

Now show me a conservative on welfare complaining about government cheese, and you’ll have a point.

Its more that the President never gave a ■■■■ about the wall, the border, or the forgotten man.

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Do you believe that medicare premium payments actually cover the costs? Spoiler alert: they do not.

This is it, really. I’ve said it repeatedly on this board. Trump is not consumed with any ideology, he’s consumed only with himself. He’ll say whatever he thinks will garner him applause.

Premium payments? Are you talking about what current recipients pay? If so, that’s not what I’m talking about.