Is Obama responsible for today's hate?

He certainly bears some of the blame. All politicians vigorously attack their opponents. But if I’m not mistaken, Obama was the first U.S. president to widely and frequently disrespect the voter. Remember his rallies where he would surround himself with people, laugh at and belittle people who have different opinions than him? Then he accused us of bitterly clinging to our guns and religion. Then Hillary doubled down on it with her horrific deplorables list. Now Biden seems to be grabbing the torch as well.

What about Trump you ask? Does Trump go over the top with his insults? Yes he does. Should he dial it back? Again yes. Does he get some blame? Of course. Much of it. But Trump typically goes after people who have gone after him. You do not need to prove to me that he has been out of line at times. I get it.

But. He certainly does not get all of the blame. Obama is the grandfather of unprovoked insults on the voter. No doubt about that.


It’s all Obama’s fault.

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What are the top ten insults that that President Obama said that bother you the most?

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IMO…we are each soley/souly responsible for our own hate.


Correct. He’s just a small part. But he is part.

I agree. But half of the country washes their hands of it and lays it all at the feet of Donald Trump.

Obama was a dedicated follower of Alinsky. The Alinsky techneque was to divide and conquer.

Obama divided the country in every way he could think of. Racially, class envy, you name it.

All part and parcel of being a community agitator.

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Like that nasty reporter who pointed out that his tribute-to-Trump video failed to account for the somewhat critical month of February. Such a nasty woman.

But I DID learn, straight from the horse’s mouth, that the reason for the daily briefings is to celebrate the Administration’s successes.

I’m not here to prove it to you. I was there. I know what I saw. If you want to believe that Obama is totally innocent, please do. Or, you can google it yourself. I already gave you one example.

I don’t disagree and attempt to set that record straight…just like you. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I agree. Obama is responsible for the hate he inspired in his voters toward people on the other side. President Trump is responsible for his own divisive rhetoric.

Only one of those people are still in power and is in a position to tone down hatred of the other side, so no, I dont find Obama responsible for the hatred in politics today.

Right. But in practice, I’m not sure that the Alinsky method always works. It’s an unproven theory with mixed results.

Well… somehow there are enough insults that President Obama uttered that bother you enough to start a thread about it.

I am curious as to what the top ones are.

I am guessing the “bitter clingers” one is in the top ten… I am wondering which other ones spurred the creation of this discussion.

Which is why I ask for a top ten.

So… nine more?

Today’s hate is not in the same arena of nastiness as the pre-trump era.

“I say, ‘Mike, don’t call the governor of Washington. You are wasting your time with him. Don’t call the woman in Michigan.’ It doesn’t make any difference what happens"

“Hehe, I don’t care if you die and I asked my administration to reflect that.” Trump put us in a whole new clown world of hate. That’s all on him.


IMO President Obama set back race relations and there were comments regarding “rifles and Bibles” that was beneath the office but I don’t lay where “we” are, at his feet.


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I don’t know that it always works but that was the Obama techneque for governing. He went with it always.

He was kind of a combination Alinsky/Sharpton.

What did President Obama do to set back race relations?

Maybe that should be a top ten list too.


Yep. He bought it hook line and sinker.

Thanks Obama.