Is NJ Governor the 1st of many Dems who will refuse to help paying even $100 weekly of unemployment checks?

Here is article today in NJ, where Governor Murphy is going on the record against Trump’s EO to get unemployed people of his state money direly needed to stay afloat.

Sadly, I fear this is yet another issue that will go down partisan lines state by state.

How about your state, do you think your Governor likely be part of helping their fellow residents out a little here with some funding or not?

Seems typical. They want to government to pay for it all…and not just 400 hundred but those libs want federal government to shell out 600 hundred that libs are demanding.


They hate Donald Trump but are begging for him to rescue them? If I were allowed to use the middle finger emoji, I would insert it here. Directed at N.J.


This is not a partisan issue. Almost all of the States, Red and Blue alike, are in fiscally dire straits right now because of COVID. I’m sure this won’t matter as the narrative strolls along though.

President Trump’s executive action calling on states to provide 25% of an additional $400 in weekly unemployment benefits poses “significant administrative burdens and costs,” according to a bipartisan letter from the leaders of the National Governors Association.

Bipartisan letter, signed on by Asa Hutchinson, Republican Governor of Arkansas.


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Play politics with the American people’s money? God forbid! This is unheard of in politics. Especially among democrats. They would never dream of politicizing anything so important. Angels one and all. :angel:


Bring in the books and let’s look at it.

The governors should be talking to Congress. Imagine the conversations without the 17th Amendment…

Maybe you missed it, how in Florida, the governor, already has signed on to Trump’s $400 EO.

From your link…

A spokesman for DeSantis did not say whether the governor would agree to the deal, but DeSantis’ public schedule was updated to show a late afternoon meeting with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, an indication that he was exploring the arrangement.

Im so old I remember when Republicans use to be against unfunded mandates to the states.
Times have def changed.

The issue is gonna be can the states afford it. Many states are not allowed, by their consitution, to run deficits like the federal goverment can.
Although I did read one study that said the way its written - States could simply count the $100 most on UE already get as their 25% and unemployed could get $300 without costing the state anything extra.

The bigger issue - is funds will prob run out in 4 to 6 weeks.

Perhaps a better plan would have bene that Trump urged congress to deal with this, pushed it to get passed, and spend that money from FEMA to develop a national testing plan instead so we could get on top of this.


Are we ready to cheer socialism?

From what I have heard, the only EO where Trump does hold the power to change is regarding student loans. The others could very well be deemed unconstitutional. I believe that what he did over the weekend was for show. Without a doubt meaningful aid would have to be done in Congress. And from what I am hearing this morning at least half of the Republican Senators do not want to do anything.

Also from your link…

Governors across the nation were underwhelmed by President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order extending unemployment benefits by $400 per week.

Trump’s executive order comes with a sizable match, requiring Florida to pay $100 per week for nearly 800,000 claimants. Some congressional estimates say the benefits would last just four to five weeks, costing Florida more than $400 million.

The remaining $300 has its own catch. It’s coming from a Department of Homeland Security Disaster Relief Fund meant to cover the costs of hurricanes and other disasters.

And then there’s another catch: The $44 billion in disaster relief dollars would run out in a matter of weeks, according to some estimates.

“This scheme should give Floridians, who are in the middle of hurricane season, pause,” wrote Cindy Huddleston, a senior policy analyst and at Florida Policy Institute



At the minimum Palm Beach is safe. A hurricane hitting Mar-A-Lago would get that disaster relief boosted real quick.


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Take him to court…

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Yes it not yet a done deal. In fairness the article also mentioned upfront:

"But in Florida, Republican and Democratic lawmakers are encouraging Gov. Ron DeSantis to become the first governor to sign the deal.

The state’s unemployment benefits are so low, topping out at just $275 per week, that DeSantis doesn’t have a choice, lawmakers said."

He did.


So is the Fed Government. And new funding for unemployment at the Fed level will increase the defecit and add to national debt. Can we as a nation afford another 1 to 3 trillion in debt?


Oh it’s definitely a partisan issue :roll_eyes: