Is New "Scripture" Possible?

Ok you all know I’m an atheist. This thread isnt about whether or not God is real. Its kind of more of a sociological question. Photography, video, and audio recording did not exist and has not existed for 99.9% of human civilization. Written text was pretty much the only way scripture was passed down, other than oral. These were manually written texts, as well. The printing press is only about 500 years old! (and guess which book was the first to be mass produced).

Given this context, and the confusion surrounding many religious texts (due to various reasons) - is new scripture something that would be beneficial for religious societies? Is new scripture possible, without direct evidence via recording devices?

Couldn’t it be argued that the Book of Mormon is new “scripture?”

Book of Mormon is supposed to be the new scriptures as revealed to Joseph Smith in his journey west in the new world ( early USA).

Aye. So whether it’s “new scripture” kind of depends on who you are, and what beliefs you hold. It does show that Christianity is subject to change, as long as we aren’t dogmatic in what “Christianity” is and is not.

By new I mean never been written before. Therefore the book of mormon is not new. In today’s world can new scripture be created and followed?

The Book of Mormon showed that new scripture could still be written in the era of modern communication.

I still contend that it depends on who you are whether the Book of Mormon is “scripture.” I was raised to believe that it is not, but I’ve grown more forgiving as I got older. If Mormons can be Christians, then I believe new scriptures could be created which wouldn’t apply to all Christians, but could be considered “scripture” within a subsect of Christianity.

I dont consider 19th century as modern communication.

Was The Book of Mormon really ‘‘newly written’’ scripture? Wasn’t it actually the revelation of ancient scripture, translated by Joseph Smith?

This is very true.

I wonder if additional scripture could be crowdsourced.

This is the origin story that is told within their sub-sect of Christianity.

True, it was a story written by Smith.