Is mispronouncing "Kamala" racist?

I don’t know, but Harris supporters are interpreting one mispronunciation as racism.
The problem is, it isn’t true and it furthers the cheapening of the word until it no longer has any meaning.
There are real racists running around, but they are concealed by the myriad of false wolf cries.

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The idea of it being racism is just so much BS. :roll_eyes:

I think they want to send the message of don’t anyone dare be critical or disrespectful toward Harris in any way which is also BS especially considering how they treat the President.

I honestly don’t know the correct pronunciation of Barack. Is it barrack or bar -ACK. I’ve heard it pronounced both ways by both sides of the fence. Is that racism? Of course not.

It’s Bare Rock.

Which syllable is the emphasis on? Do you believe not knowing how to pronounce it is racism?

Like “that person in the White House”?
That kind of respect?

You raise a good point. Yes it’s BS… but screeching that someone is a racist for daring to disagree with the policies of a leftist of color is the way the left rolls.

Now if it happens to be a conservative of color???

Senator Durbin can use the phrase Token to describe legislation fighting crime by African American Tim Scott and its no big deal.

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And people really only disagreed with Obama’s policies.

I had no problems with Obama as a person. I think he was a good and decent man. I just didn’t like his policies.

They’ve done it so much that it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

People just say psssst and go on about their way anymore.

Yeah they can call Scott a “token” and even nominate a guy for Prez who has said many racist things in his past.

That’s "D"ifferent. :roll_eyes:

Yep. That’s why I say for me this is the easiest election ever.

The hard left now runs the democrat party. Bernie Sanders says Biden will be the most progressive president ever.

No thanks.

I agree 100 percent.

Biden will do whatever Pelosi, AOC, Schumer and the crowd tells him too. I think idiotic is a more fitting word than progressive.

Not racist


Not racist, but if mispronouncing or misspelling her name is done deliberately it’s childish and stupid.

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Close. It is Kamala. Hindu for red. I believe.


So is Ka-mala and actually more in keeping with accented syllable rules for nouns in English.

Trump lives in the White House.

Has since he was inaugurated in 2017.


But it’s not an English word.

Comma, la.

It’s not hard.


It is counterintuitive for Americans.