Is mispronouncing "Kamala" racist?

Kamala Harris’ supporters are saying that the mispronunciation of “Kamala” is racist. Harris pronounces her name comma-la. Anyone who says it differently is a racist. Trump and Pence, of course, are among that number. They say ka-MAH-la.
How far down the road to idiocy have the Dems gone to propose this?

Racism is the disdain of an entire race or the belief that an entire race is inferior.
How does mispronouncing a name qualify as racist?

I would like to know if any Biden-Harris supporters here actually believe this.

I would not say racist.

Just disrespectful.

Comma, la

It’s really easy.

Try it.


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depends on you doing it on purpose?


It’s probably nothing more than the usual child like antics we’ve come to expect from the Republican party.

In before the whataboutisms to justify it.


or just pronouncing it the way twilight biden does


if so, how is it racist?

It’s lazy and disrespectful.


So far the score on mispronouncing the VP candidate’s name on the top of the tickets has Biden losing by one.

I think we all agree that this isn’t racist.
Then why is it being called racist?

How about…“we” make this very easy? Kamala is shown, the exact same amount of respect, the President is? That’s perfectly fair…amirite…or is this…different?

This idea was brought to you by a Trumpanzee…or so I’m told. :sunglasses:

Don’t you mean President Drumpf?


Cahma Chameleon


camela, got it.

She’s just a precious little snowflake.


It’s easy for Democrats, liberal-socialists and progressives to hurl accusations of racism at their opponents or detractors. It’s how they deflect their despicable record with minorities who they have been using as pawns in a political game that panders to these groups at election time then they are abandoned and left with a useless bag of hopes, lies and BS!
Why do the Dems embrace BLM? Why do they not denounce the violence and mob rule the BLM cult and the antifa black militia of the Democrat party? Because the unrest deflects the truism of the Democrats who bring nothing for Americans to the platform except the same old vile hatred of Donald Trump and above all more hopes, lies an BS.

I don’t think it’s blatantly racist but that’s an interesting question, WilliamMarrón. Pronouncing someone’s name correctly is a sign of respect, and since they are refusing to pronounce her name correctly, it leads to speculation. Why?

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They probably don’t like her on a personal level.

It doesn’t rise to racism, IMO.


Let’s say for the sake of argument that it is a sign of disrespect for Harris. I don’t believe it, but let’s say it is.
Harris is one person. Racism requires disrespect for an entire race. You would need a lot more evidence that the speaker holds all Blacks in disdain, before you can accurately label him a racist.

Very true. I don’t take one action as being from the point of racism for the individual. The question then becomes how many actions must one perform before they can be confirmed as a racist accurately.

It puts it in context.

Racism is a disgusting ugly concept.

Leftist democrats since at least Obama have watered that ugly concept down. Racism no longer means “the stupid idea that one group is superior to another simply because of skin color” (a severe oversimplification I m trying to write less wordy posts).

Racism now means “nobody wants to be called a racist so we’re going to beat everyone who dares to disagree with us over the head with that accusation”.

The really sad thing is the same people calling conservatives racist really should go back and read some of Biden’s greatest quotes…


Nah - the current administration’s syllable max is two. Beyond that gets a bit tough for them, hence the short tenure of Anthony Scaramucci.

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