Is "man made" climate change only limited to the U.S.?

On a social media site, I saw a graphic of all the fires burning in the United States. West coast is damn near one giant flame from Cali up to the Canadian boarder. Arrow pointed to Canada and said “no fires”.

I muttered under my breath bull ■■■■■ and googled the Canadian Fire information page so I could show the person who shared the map the error of their ways.

Wait, What??? Not a single fire showing on the interactive map???

Maybe I missed something. Go to another area of the canadian site and find this.

Canada has only had 230,000 acres of forestland burn this year. 10-year rolling average is 2 million acres.

Wonder if it has to do with responsible logging and good forest management north of the boarder?

2012 Canada exported 6 TRILLION board feet of lumber to the united states.

Now to give you an idea of just how much lumber and how many trees canada loggs

According to the Census Bureau, the average American home built in 2013 was 2,600 square feet, and it would have required 16,380 board feet to build!

So what does that mean in trees ? For the sake of discussion, consider a mature pine with a height of 80’ and a diameter of 2’. Using the method detailed above, you will find that its lumber yield is about 754 board feet. And if you require 16,380 board feet to build the average home nowadays, that would mean almost 22 mature pines are needed to fill that demand.

How Many Trees Does It Take to Build a House?.

S what say you “man made” climate changers. Why isn’t Canada anywhere near thier normal in acres burned per year? Is climate change restrcted by boarders?

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Western Canada got quite a bit more rain than the US.

right up to the border huh?


Tides changed for the BLM and Antifa terrorists, when they started being charged with Federal crimes and not being released by the District Attorney they had to change tactics.

compare US map to the canadian one.

Why so many in US and very few across Canada?

Climate change onle effects certain countries?

What about Cental and Eastern Canada?

Actually my major disagreement with Climate Change activists, is not that it doesn’t exist, but that they expect us to do more about climate change than we are already doing while China and India don’t do anywhere near what we do. Climate Change is like a virus in that it doesn’t recognize borders. Until China and India start doing equal or more than what we are doing it will never change or only get worse.

Global Warming means that the temperature the the US was used to 20 years ago has moved to Canada.

“Nobody do anything until everybody does it” is a different approach to problem solving than “Do what you can”

That attitude takes the US from the position of world leader and firmly makes it a world follower.


What about central and Eastern US?

There has been a drought in parts off Maine for the past few years. It Didn’t rain on the Midcoast region all summer.

It did rain over in the western and northern part of the state.

But if a wildfire got out of control in Maine, there is a lot to burn there.

And that explains less than 10% of 10 year average in area burned in Canada how?

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Anthropogenic climate change is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated on man.


When I traveled across America long time ago I’ve always taken my time to learn about the people and history of that area. That’s why I’ve been talked about cultures, traditions difference all across America.

So when I came out to NW I’ve taken my time to learn this area as well.

Back in mid 1800’s or so a great fire that burned on Oregon…that burned 1 and half million acres. Now lets put that into perspective OK. One of largest fires I’ve seen out here since my arrival was Okanogan fire that burned 300 thousand acres…I think there was another great few years later in Oregon that burned over million acres.

Then there was great burn…back in early 1900s. This was when million and millions and millions of acres burned all across North West. From Washington through Idaho and into Montana.

Anyway during my search I’ve found some more information about great fires in America.

Again why so few fires North of the boarder? If climate change is real, Canada with a lot less population and more forest should be burning as well.

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I disagree.


Why should they?

Yes…lot of our lumber comes from Canada. But several reason why. One that they actually have better forestry practice and other is they are farther north, but mostly IMO better forestry practices.

At least that is what I believe.

Propaganda works

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LOL Sorry @Snow96…I might have killed your thread. :wink:

Lots of leftist politicians saying Cali is burning due to it. Do the man made climate conditions onle exist in Cali? Or along the west coast until you reach canada?

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