Is killing a thief acceptable?

A black teenager stole a $2 bill and ran out of convenience store.

The clerk shot him dead.

The grandmother said: “It shouldn’t have happened like that,” his grandmother Effie Fitch told WMC in April 2018. “He was a child and that was an adult. He ought to have more responsibility than that and he’s running a business.”

Well…if you teach your kids not to steal, they wouldn’t get shot…

No, it shouldn’t be legal to kill anyone who doesn’t present an imminent risk of serious harm or death to the person doing the killing. Which is why he was found guilty.



Alex. Seriously?


I suspect trolling to see if anyone would agree with his ridiculous supposition. Again, no you can’t shoot a kid in the back for stealing a snickers bar. If you do, you will be charged with murder and go to jail. whatever his skin color happens to be.

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It’s not acceptable. Period.

This one was murder.

If you read the story, the clerk shot wildly at the kid running away, didn’t call 9-1-1 or anything.

And no, taking a $2 beer and running doesn’t give the clerk the right to shoot him.



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Even Shariah doesn’t support harsh punishment for petty theft. Just no.

Tamar Rice disagrees with your last sentence.

Killing a petty thief running from a convenience store with a piss water beer in his hand is not acceptable.

Killing a thief in the act of committing a felony on your personal property is perfectly acceptable.

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It’s called self defense law for a reason.

Unless your life is in danger, then even this is not acceptable.

If by felony he means armed, most states and juries would find you had a reasonable fear of imminent harm or death and acted in self defense.

Who decides?

Obviously it was not acceptable in this case. Guilty of 2nd degree murder.

What difference does his race make? They were both people of color.

He stopped being a threat the second he left the store making this murder not self defense.

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I’m going to play devil advocate here.

Just because it was 2 dollar can of cheap beer doesn’t change the fact that person stolen from the store.

Once you get away stealing what happens? You continue to steal in most cases. This wasn’t food that he was stealing in order to eat, he was stealing a beer. What’s next? 6 pack? Ciggs?

What if someone steal tools out of my truck? Tools that I need to make a living. It’s not the tool he’s just stealing it’s my livelihood.

Now do I think this was excessive…yes. But where do YOU draw the line?

Its self-defense the person need to be a threat, now if you confront the thief and he tries attacking you that is ground to shoot him.

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So those with faster feet rules?