Is Kamela Harris a bigot? Uhm, yes

Of course she is. According to her, it’s okay for someone to be a member of an Islamic organization but not a catholic one? The Knights of Columbus who has done more charitable work than all of the liberal organizations combined? She hates them because they are a men’s group. Yet for her, it is okay for Islam to totally segregate women from men and force women to be subservient to men? What is wrong with this lady?


Why are you bringing up Islam? There is no mention of that in your article

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As a Liberal, and a member of the KOC, I can relate some pretty awful stories of what goes on at some KOC meetings. There are plenty of racists and homophobes in the KOC. I no longer attend the meetings due to what I heard there.

That is an excellent question. To which I will give you an equally excellent reply. You are correct. The sins of Islam are completely off the table. The discussion Islam’s oppression of women and gays are taboo among liberals. Why is it that most liberals don’t mind harshly judging Christian organizations but remain totally silent when regarding the most oppressive religion on Earth?

Why the selective bigotry?

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So why does Islam get a pass?

Nothing gets s “pass” with me.

OP should start a thread about Islam if he wants to discuss it. I’m not sure why Kamela Harris is being discussed at all if the purpose of the thread is to bash Islam.


Because this thread is not about islam.

Yeah, but what caught my attention was the suggestion that the koc does more than any liberal blah blah blah. There are plenty of Liberals in the KOC. It was a stupid comment.

So why do you suppose liberals are afraid to comment in Islam?

Please put in quotes my Islam bashing

Secondly and more importantly. Why does Islam get a pass?

“Islam is a slightly more backward religion than Christianity” - liberal Borgia

Does that make you feel better?

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I have no need for supposition here.

Bill Mauer trashes Islam toi.

I don’t think it does.

How come trump gets a pass.

He worships Saudi Arabia.



Please put in quotes you Islam bashing?

I love it when people act like it is Groundhog Day every day and there isn’t years of posts that got flushed down the memory hole.

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OP hasnt mentioned Nazism I guess that gets a pass for him?


Trump likes Saudi Arabia much more than I do.

He must be to the left of me.