Is John Bolton gonna punk the liberal progressives?

I heard Bolton will testify he heard nothing and then discredit the leakers of his transcript. This ain’t no ■■■■■ I kid you not. Bolton is going to set up no blink Nancy, pile of Schiff, Chuckie Shumoroid, and even the senator from Utah. What you gonna do when he says the slimes story is garbage?

Let us wait and see.


Wouldn’t help with book sales, would it?

He is gonna make a fortune. Prsales are skyrocketing

Have to wait and see. Somehow I think he was unhappy enough with thing Trump was doing that he isn’t going to punk anyone.

If he punks the liberal progressives I am going to by 20 books, get the autographed, and give them to some of my liberal friends

Are they thick enough to throw in the fireplace?

Bolton would never do anything like that… he loves progressives


Well he may have punked the Donald. Anyway that is what Schiff is betting on.

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I like your thinking. Something odd is definitely happening. This whole thing does not seem to be Bolton’s style. We’ll see.

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I been pondering it since the story first broke

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The senate needs to end this charade and move onto more important stuff.

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Where did you hear this from?

So then we all agree. Bolton should testify.

Too many do nothing liberal progressives and wanna bees out there.

You and your buddy from Utah want the testimony,

I don’t care if Bolton gets up there and vindicates everything Trump has ever said. Forcing republicans to take accounts of corruption seriously, rather than laughing it off on the TV circuit, is a win for the country.

The corruption started with Obamanation and blunder Biden. :sunflower:


I heard that Bolton will get on the stand and hug a photo of Trump. A lot of people are saying.


Trump doesn’t agree.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: