Is Jeremy Corbyn of the UK Labour Party now right-wing?

There was a time when socialists defended the rights of workers. Now the former leader of the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is facing opposition from other socialists who are labeling him “rightwing” for his stands defending the right of workers to refuse COVID vaccinations.

Corbyn explains his opposition to compulsory vaccination.

Glenn Greenwald has defended Corbyn and noted the violent opposition to Corbyn’s position from some on the left:

Here is an excerpt World Socialist article that outlines their criticism of Corbyn and Greenwald as being right-wing and fascist:

The Corbynite Labour “left”, the trade union bureaucracy and the pseudo-left groups are opposing mandatory vaccination in the National Health Service (NHS), claiming to defend the democratic rights of health workers.

But the real social interests behind this campaign are made plain by its alignment with the Conservative Party’s right-wing and anti-vax protest leaders, and by the increasing likelihood of its success courtesy of the Johnson government as it moves to end all efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. . .

“Corbyn’s opposition to vaccine mandates—a necessary public health measure in a pandemic—is not a ‘defiant and courageous stance on principle,’ as it is called by Greenwald. It is, rather, a capitulation to the fascistic right.

“Greenwald legitimizes his rightwing trajectory by claiming that opposition to vaccination is based on ‘long-standing left-wing values of bodily autonomy and anti-authoritarianism…’ This is rubbish. He is spouting the ‘anti-authoritarianism’ of petty-bourgeois anarchism.
The NHS vaccine mandate: Corbyn, pseudo-left and trade unions join Tory and libertarian right - World Socialist Web Site

Is Jeremy Corbyn now right-wing and fascist?

Or are the socialists who are demanding compulsory vaccination for workers really the fascists?

Are questions about the vaccine mandates transcending simple left-right categories?

When nothing remains of the old extreme Left that is extreme to the Left anymore….

Yes, the world is confusing.

The controversies about vaccine mandates seem to be exploding a lot of simplistic labels. Antifa is supposedly anarchists, but they have attacked protestors who oppose compulsory vaccines pushed by the government.

Socialists who are supposedly for workers’ rights now demand that workers be forces to get vaccinated or get fired.

Corbyn appears to be keeping true to his roots by opposing mandates to protect workers’ rights. In my opinion he is the real liberal the people who are attacking him are the ones protecting the elites and corporate interests.

“Supposedly” is the word. Anarchist is a term mostly used by either useful idiots to the far Left or the far Left posing as something they’re not.

Even from the beginning Marx’s self serving twaddle about statelessness as the ultimate end of his ideas was arguably designed to fool actual anarchists and secular idealists to adopt Marx’s magical thinking. I believe this is supported by the note that Marx is said to have hammered off to Engels after reading Darwin, saying he’d found a basis in naturalism for their ideas. By this I mean that it seems like Marx recognized that if there was natural selection there could be unnatural selection too, and men-like communistic beings who shared the outward appearance of Mankind could be selectively bred, reinforced through untold generations of tyranny against Men. Really, Lysenkoism (trying to produce a more socialistic nature) didn’t fall far from the insanely evil tree.

I think that it simply fits the pattern that anything that deviates from the current party line is now “right wing” and “racist”.

Stalin sent Bolsheviks to Siberian gulags and assassinated Trotsky because they were not keeping up with the changes in party line. This sort of thing is nothing new.

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At least the communist party in Canada is against the emergencies act, realizing it could be used to criminalize any labor movement or protest.

Trudeau appears to be moving Canada into a kleptocracy.

Billionaires who control the government collect more billions while the government takes everything from average workers. Anyone who objects is “right-wing” and “racist” and has no rights to their own property.

The attack on Corbyn for defending the rights of workers is part of the same pattern.

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Jeremy Corbyn is, and always has been, a dangerous crank.

If you speak it, they will come. :rofl:

The link does not work. Please find another or summarize what your point is.

Jeremy corbyn was paid to appear on Iranian TV and spout antisemitism.

He was leader of the Labour Party in 2016, and the party is still facing charges of Anti-Semitism.

Corbyn is not suddenly labeled “right-wing” because of anti-Semitism. Opposing coerced vaccinations is the issue.

Personally, I wouldn’t have Corbyn as the moral arbiter on any issue.

There is a rich vein of anti-vax nonsense on the hard left as much as on the hard right.

Here’s Corbyns brother, for example

I don’t remember any one from the left calling BLM/Antifa “right-wing” for actually burning down buildings.

Instead, they excused the violence as “mostly peaceful protests”.

If the good people of Ferguson had turned out and lined the streets while packing not only might their community be a nicer place to live in now but they might have nipped these so-called “mostly peaceful” idiots’ enthusiasm in the bud and spared numerable other communities.

If the political spectrum has moved so far that Jeremy Corbyn is now consider right wing Britain is in real trouble.

It hasn’t, the suggestion is nonsense.

I expect that the next step will be to label Corbyn a Russian asset.

He’s an Iranian asset

Yes, anyone with an opposing view labeled as a foreign asset.