Is it time to stop treating Joe like a toddler?

After the election, I though the media might come out of campaign mode and ask Joe some real, actual policy questions. Of course I over estimated them. They are still 100 percent DNC operatives acting like they are still trying to get someone elected. So do you think they will ever stop sucking up to him? Is this what we have to look forward to? Joe’s first line of defense being the media? Will they ever grow a pair?


are you trying to kill the guy before he can serve 2 years and a day?

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pretty sure recognizing the media’s kid glove treatment on joe isn’t bds, its just commentary on the media not doing its job

Is it time to stop treating Joe like a toddler?

“Come on…man” :sunglasses:

Bds personified.

Kid glove treatment?

Where the evidence of that?


What is your favorite non baby question Biden has taken since the election?

Aww, our little Joey is growing up! It seems like just a few days ago he was being treated like a baby. Blink and we’ll be at “Is it time to stop treating Joe like a teenager” before we know it.

When asked about trumps non concession after losing the election.


Awesome!!! His toughest question was about Trump!

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What adult questions would you like to see asked?

been there, done that

Ah, ok. So is all media failing to slam Biden with these hard hitting non baby questions, or just the lib mob media?

At a press conference he was asked about international trade agreements and short-term fixes for unemployment, but I guess those aren’t policy questions.

Mr. Biden. Do you favor packing the court?

Mr Biden to you plan statehood for D.C and Puerto Rico?

Mr. Biden do you support reparations.

Mr Biden. How do you plan to address systemic racism?

Mr. Biden will you support mandatory firearms by backs?

Mr. Biden will there be additional usage fees for fossil fuels during your administration.

I have many more.

Now it’s your turn.

What adult questions would you like to see asked?


I would also suggest that it is time for our President to stop acting like a toddler as well. I think some of the treatment that Biden is getting is just a bit of reprieve because all of the media with some exceptions have said it’s over it’s all over. And the President refuses to admit there is no way he can win. So, there can be really now hard-balling of Joe Biden if he is not even allowed to move forward completely with the transition. So the media is giving him a pass…because there is a bigger story to focus on.

Trump…who is always the story in his mind…needs to stop acting like a petulant child and accept the fact that crow is being served, and he might as well eat up. He’s not going to get a burger tonight.

So I did a quick googling. On Oct 22nd lib mob media CBS’ Norah O’Donnell asked Biden to address that issue for a 60 Minutes interview. Biden said he would put together a bipartisan commission to study how to reform the court system. This was of course before he became President-elect.

Typical politician’s non-response, but lib mob media CBS asked him that particular non baby question. Any others?

Umm, every Democrat’s coverage?

I personally think its a good answer… better to put together a group of experts to explore this complex issue than fire off an answer at the hip.

Every one of these non baby questions can be googled along with President-elect Biden’s name and you can find where he either addressed the issue without being asked, or he was asked.

Any other non baby questions for the President-elect on your mind?

Jeez, At least Trump got the benefit of the doubt until his first week in office.

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