Is it time to stop babying officials?


Which is not even remotely what I or others have been saying to you. What we’ve been saying is that bad and / or missed calls happen every single game to every team often times costing teams games. The missed call in the Saints game is a prime example. The week where you couldn’t stop whining about the Steelers / Chargers game I pointed out five examples from other games that same week where blown calls (or missed) either directly influenced the outcome or very likely did.


In real time, it was a bang-bang call. Commentators have the benefit of slow-motion replay. Players and coaches are generally pretty biased when it comes to this kind of thing. When I first saw the play I said “that was close but I don’t think it’s a penalty”…after I saw the replay I knew they missed it, but again - officials don’t have slow-motion replay on a call like that.

It’s really time to stop bitching about officials. The reason leagues don’t allow teams and players to criticize officials publicly is that they have no interest in allowing anyone to undermine the officials.

If the Saints wanted to win the game, maybe they should have run the ball into the line and let their really good kicker put them ahead with under a minute left on the clock. Or maybe they could have stopped the Rams from getting Zuerlein into range. Or maybe when they got the ball first in OT they could have blocked Suh or whoever it was that got to Brees…and even then, maybe they could have stopped them from getting into FG range again? Blaming the officials is a bitch move. Period.


Allowing, much less fostering, an adversarial relationship between players and officials only causes problems. If an official sucks, they will be fired just like anyone else, but to do their job they need to be protected.


Both things can be true.


Yes, it can be true that the official made a bad call and the Saints ■■■■■■ up.



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Can you leave politics out of sports threads? This post has nothing to do with the thread and does nothing to further the discussion.