Is it time to stop babying officials?


As we just saw, poor officiating just cost a team a trip to the superbowl. So what do we gain out of babying the officials? Coaches and commentators must tread lightly when criticizing a call or risk the wrath of the NFL. Why? Coaches and players get interviewed after poor performances. But officials are totally protected. Why not let them answer for their mistakes as well? Let em have a press conference after the game. Are they not grown assed men responsible for their actions?


I think the call wasn’t made because the ball was already there when contact was made. The WR wasn’t catching it either way. At full speed it looked like that. Either way I’m glad the refs didn’t decide this game and it was played out on the field.


Interesting…almost are ridiculous as blaming an old vet for harassing several score young thugs.


Nearly everybody outside of L.A.disagrees with you. Including all of the five commentators who saw it. This is why it would be helpful to allow the officials to explain themselves rather than being babied.


What difference would that make? It isnt gonna change the outcome.

Btw each NFL official is evaluated each week. Those that make mistakes are penalized either with demotion or with withdrawal of future post season assignment. In other words poor officiating is dealt with in house. Putting officials in press conferences does nothing but stir the pot.

There isnt any babying going on. These guys risk losing a million plus for mistakes, they dont make them often, believe that.


Interviewing players and coaches after the game doesn’t change the outcome either. But they still do it. I guess you are in favor of continued babying of the officials?


They arent babied, I already explained this. Given you’ve never officiated you wouldnt understand that. Like I said you think you can do it better suit up otherwise you are just flapping guns like… a baby.

As for pressers. Coaches and players are paid to be the face of the game that’s why they are forced to do them. Officials arent paid to do pressors.


This is an entertainment forum. I prefer my entertainment insult and anger free. You cool with that? If not, I’m gonna have to ban you.:nerd_face:


It was my opinion that the ball wouldn’t have been caught. It was sailing past whether contact was made or not. They can disagree all they want. I’m just glad the refs didn’t give the Saints the game.


You make the mistake of thinking there is a right and wrong here. Have your opinion all you want. Wont make a bit of difference, you arent gonna get what you want so you are wasting keystrokes, but I guess if it makes you feel better.


The mistake you make is thinking that I make mistakes. Nah baby nah.:sunglasses:
And. I never really felt bad in the first place. You’re the one who’s panties are in a bunch. But I am glad to know that you care. Have a great night buddy.


This right here, that ball wasn’t catchable.


The ref that blew a big call in the Steelers Chargers game was the same on referring the Saints Rams game. They aren’t evaluated that thoroughly, obviously.


I still would like to see them faced with press conferences.


The defender was out of position. That’s why Brees threw the ball. Hard to know if it could have been caught, but almost every angle shows that Lewis was hit before the ball arrived. Not only that, the defender never looked back at the ball. In addition it was a helmet-to-helmet personal foul. Even whatever-his-name defender said that he was beat and just lunged at the receiver to prevent a touchdown. The entire world has seen this and there is no dispute.

No doubt there are bad calls and there were possibly several calls that benefited both teams prior to that play. But this was game changing at a crucial moment and the entire world saw it.

That’s just reality. Everybody and especially Saint’s fans need to move on. Stuff happens. It’s not fair. Life is not fair. But this was not fair.


Saints fans now want to sue the NFL. Can you really sue someone based on the quality of the entertainment they provide? Seems like a stretch.


Are you talking to me? I’m a Saints fan. Live in New Orleans. The law suit is bogus and we all know that. This guy just wants attention. There are bad calls that go either way, even in that game. However, it’s had for us to get over this one given the moment. I have personal relationships with professional football players from New Orleans (you can just process that). They have moved on. I’m trying.


You don’t get evaluated on just one game, you get evaluated over an entire season.

I’m betting that guys work is stellar like 99 and 44/100 percent of the time, and that is why he was chosen to referee the NFC championship game.

Also, Saints still had the lead even with the blown call. Had they bothered to play defense at the end of the game, we would be talking about nothing.


It was the correct call. As I’ve been told repeatedly on this board bad calls that cost games only happen to the Steelers. Since the Steelers weren’t playing this was obviously the correct call.


It was the correct call. Officials never screw anything up, so I’m told. Especially when it comes to the Steelers.